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    Version No. : R1.0
    Edition Time: 2012-01
    Manual No: 079584504098
    ZTE MF51 is a 3G mobile hotspot device, working in GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA
    network. It provides Internet connection via USB or Wi-Fi to clients, enabling you to
    communicate anytime and anywhere.
    Data Service
    DL 14.4 Mbps
    UL 5.76 Mbps
    WCDMA CS: UL 64 kbps/DL 64kbps
    WCDMA PS: UL 384 kbps/DL 384kbps
    Interface USB and Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi Standard 802.11b/g/n
    Wi-Fi Security WEP/WPA/WPA2
    USB Version USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED
    USB Interface Type Micro USB
    Weight 80 g
    Dimensions (W×H×D): 102.5 mm*51 mm*13.5 mm
    microSD card Support up to 32 GB microSD card
    Battery 1500mAh Li-ion battery
    *Standby time 100 hours
    *Working time 4 hours
    Charge time 3 hours
    Operate system
    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later),
    Mac OS (10.5 or later)
    Web Browser
    IE (7.0 or later), Firefox (3.0 or later), Opera (10.0 or
    later), Safari (4.0 or later), Chrome (10.0 or later)
    Working temperature -10 °C ~ +60°C
    Storage temperature -20 °C ~ +70 °C
    Charging temperature 0 °C ~ +40 °C
    Humidity 5%~ 95%
    microSD is a trademark of SD Card Association.
    The device’s standby and working time are only for your reference, and based on
    ideal working environment.
    Getting to Know Your Device
    The following figure shows the appearance of the device. It is only for your
    reference. The actual device may be different.
    Interface and Buttons
    1. WPS
    This button is used to start Wi-Fi Protected Setup authentication
    process and enable/disable the Wi-Fi function.
    Hold it for about ve seconds to activate the WPS process.
    Hold it for about two seconds to enable/disable Wi-Fi function.
    2. Charger/
    USB port
    Charge your device.
    Connect the client to your device via USB cable.
    3. Power Hold the Power button to switch on/off the device.
    4. Indicators Indicates the status of your device.
    Press WPS and Power buttons simultaneously, and hold on about three
    seconds until all LEDs are off, then release the buttons, the device will restart
    automatically and restore to the factory default settings.
    When the device is powered on, the following icons will light, with the corresponding
    indications listed in the table below:
    Indicators Status Description
    RED glittering Please charge.
    RED bright The voltage of battery is low.
    GREEN bright
    The voltage of battery is high.
    Fully charged when power on or standby mode
    with USB cable.
    GREEN glittering
    Charging when power on or power off or standby
    LED off
    Under power off mode full charged with USB
    cable or no charging
    No charging or fully charged under standby
    mode without USB cable
    No battery
    BLUE glittering Wi-Fi is active.
    BLUE bright WPS is active.
    LED off Wi-Fi is inactive or standby mode.
    BLUE glittering 2G Modem data transferring.
    BLUE bright Register on 2G network.
    GREEN glittering 3G Modem data transferring.
    GREEN bright Register on 3G network.
    RED bright ERROR or NO network service or No SIM
    LED off Standby mode.
    Hardware Installation
    Inserting SIM Card, Memory Card and Battery
    1. Use the thumb catch on the device to open the battery cover.
    2. Insert SIM Card into the slot.
    Please power off the device and remove the external power adapter before
    removing or inserting the SIM card, if not, the device or SIM card may be damaged.
    3. Insert the memory card into the memory card holder.
    4. Insert the battery as shown with the contacts located against the gold springs.
    5. Line the battery cover up correctly and press gently to close the case.
    Switching On/Off Your Device
    Press and hold the Power button to switch on/off the device.
    Please install battery before power on.
    Charging Your Device
    1. Insert the charger lead carefully with the correct orientation to the charger port.
    The plug only ts one way. Do not use excessive force to insert the plug.
    2. Connect the charger to a main socket.
    3. Disconnect when the battery is fully charged.
    Working Mode
    Your device supports three working modes. For the client, we only use PC or laptop
    as the example in this document.
    USB Mode: Connect the device to your PC or laptop via the included USB cable,
    then power on your device. And the following picture is one application example:
    Wi-Fi Mode: Power on directly, and then connect the device to your PC or laptop
    via Wi-Fi. And the following picture is one application example:
    Mixed Mode: Connect to the device with the above two connection methods.
    The following picture is the application example. All of the client devices can surf on
    the Internet at the same time.
    1 2 4 5 6 73 8 9
    Establish a connection between your device and
    the client
    Via USB Cable
    1. Connect your device and the client with the USB cable.
    2. Install software.
    After the installation, the connection between your device and the client will be
    established successfully a moment later.
    Via Wi-Fi
    1. Power on your device directly. It will take 1~2 minutes to initialize, and then Wi-
    Fi status icon will light.
    2. If the Wi-Fi status shown is blue bright or LED off, hold the WPS key for about
    2 seconds to enable the Wi-Fi function.
    3. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless
    Notes: You need to check your Wireless Network Connection. Set the client to
    obtain an IP address automatically in the Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties,
    and the client will get an IP address like””.
    4. Select the SSID of your device, and then click Connect.

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