Xtreamer Aiki 5 handleiding

Xtreamer Aiki 5

Bekijk hier gratis de Xtreamer Aiki 5 handleiding. Heb je de handleiding gelezen maar geeft deze antwoord op je vraag? Stel dan je vraag op deze pagina aan andere Xtreamer Aiki 5 bezitters.

Android on Xtreamer Aiki
Introduction to Android
What is Android?
Android is an operating system for mobile phones, in much the same way that many PCs
run Microsoft Windows as their operating system. It is developed by Google and allows
you to use many of the programs you might have on your home computer, such as Skype,
Internet Browsers, document readers and editors, but in addition to that it provides access
to the applications specifically created for devices with the touch-screen interface.
With Android you literally have the world on your fingertips.
What does Android look like?
Android's standard layout is to have a series of Home screens, which can contain
shortcuts to launch apps, or can contain widgets, which are small programs that serve a
single function, such as controlling your music or displaying Facebook updates.

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Hoe kan ik een nummer blokkeren

steenhuizen, 2014-09-11 08:22:10

Wat voor oplader heb ik nodig voor een Xtreamer Aiki 5?

Leon, 2014-03-03 15:57:26