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    • Choose the mounting location where the unit will not interfere with the normal
    driving function of the driver.
    • Before finally installing the unit, connect the wiring temporarily and make sure it is all
    connected up properly and the unit and the system work properly.
    • Use only the parts included with the unit to ensure proper installation.
    The use of unauthorized parts can cause malfunctions.
    • Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires the drilling of holes or other
    modifications of the vehicle.
    • Install the unit where it does not get in the driver’s way and cannot injure the
    passenger if there is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop.
    • If installation angle exceeds 30° from horizontal, the unit might not give its optimum
    This unit can be properly installed either from “Front” (conventional DIN Front-mount) or
    “Rear” (DIN Rear-mount installation, utilizing threaded screw holes at the sides of the unit
    chassis). For details, refer to the following illustrated installation methods
    DIN FRONT-MOUNT (Method A)
    Installation Opening
    This unit can be installed in any dashboard having an opening as show below:
    Installing the unit
    Be sure you test all connections first, and then follow these steps to install the unit.
    1. Make sure the ignition is turned off, and then disconnect the cable from the vehicle
    battery’s negative (-) terminal.
    2. Disconnect the wire harness and the antenna.
    3. Press the release button on the front panel and remove the control panel (see the
    steps of “using the detachable front panel”).
    4. Lift the top of the outer trim ring then pull it out to remove it.
    5. The two supplied keys release tabs inside the unit’s sleeve so you can remove it.
    Insert the keys as far as they will go (with the notches facing up) into the appropriate
    slots at the middle left and right sides of the unit. Then slide the sleeve off the back
    of the unit.
    Note: to install the short threading terminal of the mounting bolt to the back of
    the unit and the other long threading terminal to the dashboard.
    10. Reconnect the cable to the vehicle battery’s negative (-) terminal.
    Then replace the outer trim ring and install the unit’s front panel. (see the steps of “using
    the detachable front panel”).
    Removing the unit
    1. Make sure the ignition is turned off, then disconnect the cable from the vehicle
    battery’s negative (-) terminal.
    2. Remove the metal strap attached the back of the unit (if attached).
    3. Press the release button to remove the front panel.
    4. Lift the top of the outer trim ring then pull it out to remove it.
    5. Insert both of the supplied keys into the slots at the middle left and right sides of
    the unit, then pull the unit out of the dashboard.
    DIN REAR-MOUNT (Method B)
    If your vehicle is a Nissan, Toyota, follow these mounting instructions.
    Use the screw holes marked T (Toyota), N (Nissan) located on both sides of the unit
    to fasten the unit to the factory radio mounting brackets supplied with your vehicle.
    To fasten the unit to the factory radio mounting brackets.
    Align the screw holes on the bracket with the screw holes on the unit, and then tighten the
    screws (5x5mm) on each side.
    Note: the outer trim ring, sleeve and the metal strap are not used for method B
    To Detach the Front Panel
    1. Press the OPEN button, then the front panel open.
    2. Note that if the front panel fails to lock in position properly, pressing control button
    may not function and the display may be missing some segments. Press the OPEN
    button and then reinstall the front panel again.
    Precautions when handling
    1. Do not drop the front panel.
    2. Do not put pressure on the display or control buttons when detaching or reinstalling the
    front panel.
    3. Do not touch the contacts on the front panel or on the main unit body.
    It may result in poor electrical contact.
    4. If any dirt or foreign substances adhered on the contacts, they can be removed with a
    clean and dry cloth.
    5. Do not expose the front panel to high temperatures or direct sunlight in anywhere.
    6. Keep away any volatile agents (e.g. benzene, thinner, or insecticides) from touching
    the surface of the front panel.
    7. Do not attempt to disassemble the front panel.
    6. Mount the sleeve by inserting the sleeve into the opening of the dashboard and
    bend open the tabs located around the sleeve with a screwdriver. Not all tabs will
    be able to make contact, so examine which ones will be most effective. Bending
    open the appropriate tabs behind the dashboard to secure the sleeve in place.
    7. Reconnect the wire harness and the antenna and be careful not to pinch any wires or
    8. Slide the unit into the sleeve until it locks into place.
    9. To further secure the unit, use the supplied metal strap to secure the back of the unit in
    place. Use the supplied hardware (Hex Nut (M5mm) and Spring Washer) to attach one
    end of the strap to the mounting bolt on the back of the unit. If necessary, bend the metal
    strap to fit your vehicle’s mounting area. Then use the supplied hardware (Tapping Screw
    (5x25mm) and Plain Washer) to attach the other end of metal strap to a solid metal part of
    the vehicle under the dashboard. This strap also helps ensure proper electrical grounding
    of the unit.
    • Support USB & MINI SD Card , Movable Hard Disk
    • Support Audio file format ;MP3/WMA
    • Support mobile charging with USB Slot
    • Support RDS
    • This unit only supports FAT 16 or FAT32 file system
    • Please do not format its file system when formatting the USB,SD/MMC Card
    Basic Control
    Power switch/Mute :
    1. Press PWR button to turn on the unit. Press to tum off the unit.
    2. Press MUTE button to mute down sound.
    3. Press and hold again to mutate this mode and nscover previous volume level.
    Mode button :
    1. Plug in USB/MINI SD Card under radio mode.the unit will change to USB/SD/MMC
    Card mode;
    2. Plug In MINI SD card under USB mode,the unit will change to MINI SD card.
    3. Plug in USB under MINISD Card mode, the unit will change to USB mode.
    4. The unit will change to Radio mode when USD/SD/MMC Card is removed.
    5. Press MOD buttco to change the mode when USB/SDIMMC card is plugged in.
    USB mode mill be presMed when switching on the unit
    Time display and setting :
    1. Time will be displayed after slightly press the ELK button.
    2. The LCD display will return back to its original display after 5 seconds.
    3. Press and hold CLK button to set the time. time on the display Will be binking.
    Then slightly presse button to set the hour and button to set the minute.
    Audio Mode selector :
    1. Rotate audio mode selector to increase/decrease to volume level
    Radio Control
    Band control
    1. Press BND button to select the band, repeatedly to cycle through 3 radio band:
    2. Hold and press BND button, the radio will scan up all the strongest station and preset
    automatically in 1-6 number keys. In FM mode, 18 stations can be stored from FM1-FM3
    mode. Press any number button to enjoy the stored station.
    3. AF Function
    The factory default is AF function on. Press AF shortly to turn it on/off.
    4. FrequehncyAdjust
    Press to adjust the current frequency manually.
    Press for a while, stations will be searched for automatically higher or lower.
    It will stop searching after the strongest station have been tuned.
    When the seeked channel does not contain RDS signal, AF icon twinkles.
    When it contains RDS signal, AF and PS icons am on. Meanwhile, the present station
    name will be displayed. When the seeked channel is traffic broadcast programme, TP icon
    5. Auto Stations Searching
    Press BAND for a while, it will search for strong signal stations and store them
    6. Play Memory Stations
    Press 1-6 buttons to choose stations from the nuit storing stations manually. Press 1-6
    buttons to store the tuned stations into 1-6 buttons.
    7. TA Function
    Press TA for a while to turn TAfuntion on, TA icon is on. When it receices Traffic
    Announcement by the way of displaying the contents on the screen. When the
    TrafficAnnouncement is over, it will go back to the former playing mode. Press TA for a
    while again to turn the TAfunction off.
    1. This unit can read the files which found in USB/MINI SD card by plugging it into the slot.
    When it is playing the tracks from USB, USB icon is found on the display, whereles SD
    icon will be shown when reading the files from MINI SD Card. When it is playing MP3 icon
    is found on the display.
    2. Press fast forward to go to next track and press rewind backward to go back to the
    previous track.
    3. When MP3 is play, press "1" number button to pause it and to resume the MP3 by
    press "1" again.
    4. Press "3" number button to start to cancel the repeat fuction The cycle is:
    Repeat all the playback —> cancel repeat function —> repeat si
    5. Press "4" number button to play all the MP3 files in random order.
    Press again to cancel.
    6. Press "5" number button to play the previous 10 tracks
    7. Press "6" number button to play the next 10 tracks
    • If the MP3/WMMAfile is available with ID3 TAG, the following ID3 information will be
    displayed on the screen automatically.
    • During Mp3 or WMA play, press AMS/S button will turn on track search mode, press 1-6
    button to select the desired For example, you are now playing the first song, pressing
    AMS/S button, and press number button "5"8, "6", then press "Vol" in order to swift to
    track 56.
    Wiring Connection
    8. RDS PTY Seek
    The RDS programme types (29 types) is categorized as Music and Speech.
    Press PTY for a while to turn TPY on and choose programme type. The factory defaults
    first progamme is POP (Music).
    Pressing the number knob 1-6, to switch different programme types. Press 1-POP,
    ROCK, Press 2-EASY, LIGHT. Press 3-CLASSIC, OTHER.
    • Press 4-JASS, COUNIRY, Press 5-National, OLDIES, PRESS 6-FOLK.
    • Press PTY shortly again to turn the PTY off (NO MY is displayed on the screen).
    9. Functions and Icons of RDS
    1.EON: Enhanced Other Networks
    It searches other networks or stations for Traffic Annonucement automatically, and it will
    turn into the latest Traffic Announcement automatically and pause the present playing
    2.AF: Alternative Frequencies It will adjust to the strongest signal frequency for the same
    station automatically. When the car is being driven from one area to another.
    3.TP: Traffic Proagram
    4.PS: Programme Service
    5.TA: Traffic Aunnouncement
    6.PTY: Progasmme Type.
    1. Playing/pause/key 1
    2. Intro playing, each track playing
    for 10 seconds/key 2
    3. Repeat playing/key 3
    4. Random playing/key 4
    5. Jumping previous 10 songs/key 5
    6. Jumping next 10 songs/key 6
    7. Power on or off/ source
    switching/key 7
    8. Previous track/ radio tuning to
    lower frequency/key 8
    9. Next track/ radio tuning/ radio
    tuning to higher frequency/key 9
    10. Band switching/key 0
    11. Mute/*
    12. AMS: auto memory storing-auto
    scan& store the radio stations/key #
    13. SEL Volume &sound setting
    AF/TA/PTY/LED color setting
    14. IR sensor
    15. Microphone
    16. SD card slot
    17. USB slot
    18. Aux in jack
    (1) When use Bluetooth, please make sure the mobile phone supports Bluetooth function.
    (2) For the different kind of mobile phone, Bluetooth emissive power has some difference.
    To get the best conversation quality, it is commended that the distance between the mobile
    phone and the unit is within 3m. And please don’t put any metal object or any obstacle
    between the path of the mobile phone and the unit.
    1) On the mobile phone, select the Bluetooth set up. (Please refer to the instruction
    manual of your mobile phone on how to operate Bluetooth.
    2) “CAR BT” should appear in the list on your mobile phone, please select “CAR_BT” and
    then input password “0000” .
    3) When successful paired, “BT ON” will be displayed on LCD.
    The unit supports Bluetooth audio function. If your mobile phone can play stereo audio,
    when the paring is ok, you can choose the unit you have paired to play the stereo music.
    M1, button on the front panel of the unit serves as PAUSE/PLAY control button.
    (It is up to the mobile phone, the different mobile phone has the different define.)
    Use button on the front panel of the unit to choose the previous/next track. (It is
    up to the mobile phone, the different mobile phone has the different define.) Note: when
    playing music, you can not make any phone call. When there is an incoming call, you can
    choose to answer it or not.
    The ANS data used are the PI, PS, AF, TP, TA, EON and PTY data.
    PI: Program Identification code
    Code for identifying programs
    PS: Program Service Name
    Broadcast station name data expressed in alphanumerically characters
    AF: Alternative Frequencies
    Frequency list of broadcasting stations transmitting the same program
    TP: Traffic Program Identification
    Identification data for traffic information-broadcasting station
    TA: Traffic Announcement
    Identification data showing traffic information is being transmitted or not
    EON: Enhanced Other Networks Information
    Broad casting information on PI, AF, TP, TA, etc, relating to networks other than the
    network used for current reception
    PTY: Program Type Code
    Contents of programs such as news, light music, sports etc.
    11 12
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