Xomax XM-2DTSBN6215

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    DVD Navigation system with 6.2” Touch Screen Display
    -6- -7-
    Theunit can play the following discs only
    Note: The unit is compatible with DVD, DVD+/-R, VCD 1.0/2.0/3.0, SVCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and JPEG
    Laser product symbol: located on the rear panel of the unit, indicate this player is a class laser product, only
    use weak laser and on hazardous radiation outside of the unit.
    ● Read through this instruction manual before installation and use.
    ● Do not touch the power plug with wet hand.
    ● Switch off the main power when the unit is not in use. (Disconnect the power plug from the power outlet
    when you do not intend to use the unit for a prolonged period of time). Before moving the unit, remove the
    disc from the unit/tray first.
    ● Do not open the cover or touch any of the components exposed out of the unit, only for qualified
    ● Do not expose the unit under direct sunlight or nearby objects that radiate heat to avoid damaging the unit.
    ● Do not place the unit in moist and humid conditions.
    ● Place the unit on a flat surface and ventilative condition, place ensure the ventilation holes are not covered
    to avoid overheating and malfunction.
    ● Clear the panel and case with soft dry cloth only, do not use any kind of thinner, alcohol or sprays.
    ● The apparatus shall not exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as
    vases shall be placed on the apparatus.
    Replace the Battery
    When the operational range of the remote control becomes short or non-functional, replace battery with a
    new CR2025 battery. Check the battery polarity before replacement.
    Replace The Battery of IR Handset
    Notes on installationContents
    Control Panel Layout Remote Control Layout Wiring Diagram General Function
    One is the CD DISC
    Host after power on standby disc into the disc can be automatically switched on and into the state of play,
    such as machine with disc; click the DVD icon in the main interface to play after boot state,
    the disc playback classification
    After making sure that the player is properly connected with original wires,
    turn the key to ACC ON position, “POW/MUTE” button or “POWR” button
    or “SRC” button become RED, press the power button to turn on the player.
    Press this key to make the audio silence, press again to resume the sound.
    Automatically search and preset stations
    When preset stations are more than one page,click to select next page stations or
    click to select last page stations.Long press , it will search stations from low frequency
    to higher frequency, stop at the station searched and start to play that station.
    Long press , it will search stations from high frequency to lower frequency,
    Install The Unit (DIN front mount)
    DIN FRONT-MOUNT (method A)
    DIN REAR MOUNT(method B)
    Install and Remove the Front Panel
    Note on installation -------------------------------------------------------- 3
    Precautions ------------------------------------------------------------------ 4
    Control Panel Layout ------------------------------------------------------ 5
    Remote Control Layout --------------------------------------------------- 6
    Wiring Diagram ------------------------------------------------------------- 7
    Ganeral Function ---------------------------------------------------------- 8
    Disc Playback Instruction ----------------------------------------------- 10
    USB&SD --------------------------------------------------------------- 12
    BLUETOOTH OPERATION ----------------------------------- 14
    The unit detial -------------------------------------------------------------- 18
    The unit is designed for 12V DC, negative ground operation systems only. Before installing the unit, make
    sure your vehicle is connected to 12V DC negative grounded electrical system.
    The negative battery terminal must be disconnected before making connections which can prevent damage
    to the unit from short circuiting.
    Be sure to connect the correct speaker to the correct terminal. Never connect the left and right channel
    speaker cables to each other or to the vehicle body. Do not block vents or radiator panels. Doing so will
    cause heat to build up and may result in fire.
    After completion of installation and replacement of battery, press the reset button on the front panel with a
    pointed object (such as a ball point pen) to set the unit to its initial status.
    Installing the Unit
    1. Dashboard
    2. Holder
    After inserting the holder into the dasrwhboard, select
    the appropriate tab according to the thickness of the
    dashboard material and bend them inwards to secure
    the holder in place.
    3. Screw
    1. Dashboard
    2. Nut (5mm)
    3. Plan washer
    4. Screw (5*25mm)
    5. Screw
    6. Starp be sure to use the starp to secure the back of
    the unit in place.The starp can be bent by hand to the
    desired angle.
    7. Plain Washer
    Remove the Unit
    1. Frame
    2. Insert fingers into the groove in the front of frame and
    pull out to remove the frame. (When reattaching the
    frame,point the side with a groove downwards and
    attach it).
    3. Lever
    Insert the levers supplied with the unit into the grooves
    at both sides of the unit as shown in figure until they
    click. Pulling the levers makes it possible to remove the
    unit from the dashboard.
    Installation using the screw holes on the sides of the
    Fastening the unit to the factory radio mounting
    1. Select a position where the screw holes of the bracket
    and the screw holes of the main unit become aligned
    (are fitted) and tighten the screw at 2 places on each
    side.Use either truss screws (5*5 mm) or flush surface
    screw (4*5 mm).
    2. Screw(“T”Position).
    3. Dashboard or Console.
    Note: The mounting box,outer trim ring,and half-sleeve
    are not used for method B installation.
    Pull out the battery holder while pressing the stopper 1.
    Place battery whth (+) mark facing up into the battery
    Insert the battery holder into the remote controller.
    Remove the front panel
    Press “REL” button in the panel , pull out the A, then
    slightly pull out B
    Please see picture on the left
    Install the front panel
    Put notch B (shown as picture) onto buckle B, and then
    slightly press A into the left side.
    Note: Please don’t insert finger in control panel. If
    connector is dirty, use a clean soft cloth to wipe it clean.
    1. Power ON/OFF
    2. Disc OUT/IN
    3. Switch Modes
    4. LCD Panel IN/OUT
    5. Screen angle adjustment
    6. In disc mode,select next track;
    In radio mode,seek higer frequencies.
    7. Screen angle adjustment
    8. Enter main menu
    9. Decrease volume
    10. Play/Pause
    11. Increase volume
    12. MUTE
    13. In radio mode,select bands;
    In other modes,stop playback
    14. In disc mode,select previous chapter;
    In radio mode,seek lower frequencies.
    15. UP Keys
    16. Enter EQ setup menu
    17. Exit menu
    18. Left keys
    19. Enter keys
    20. Right keys
    21. Enter image setup menu.Set Brightness
    Contrast/Color with up/Down key;
    Increase/decrease with left/right arrow key
    22. In Bluetooth mode,it is answer/dial/redial
    button;In DVD mode,use it to enlarge image.
    23. Down keys
    24. In Bluetooth mode,hang up the calling;
    In DVD mode,it is button to enter disc main menu.
    25. Select current band,section or preset
    stations; Input phone numbers,etc.
    26. In VCD mode,enter PBC menu
    27. Enter system setup menu
    28. Search and play
    29. In Bluetooth mode,input *;
    In other modes,switch sound tracks.
    30. In Bluetooth mode,input #
    In other modes,switch sound tracks
    31. Repeat key
    1. Press HOME to enter Main Interface
    2. Time & Date display bar
    3. Click to enter EQ mode
    4. Click to enter Bluetooth mode
    5. Background change
    6. Click to enter TV mode
    7. Click to enter SD mode
    8. Click to enter navigation
    9. Click to enter USB mode
    10.Click to enter Radio mode
    11.Click to enter iPod mode
    12.Click to enter SWC moder
    13.Click to enter AUX IN mode
    14.Click to enter Calendar mode
    15.Click to enter Camera mode
    16.Click to enter settings interface
    17.Click to enter CLOCK mode
    18.Click to enter Video Set mode
    19.Click to enter Audio Set mode
    20.Click to enter Calculator mode
    Enter playlist, there are four playback types as following
    A B
    A B
    XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215
    XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    25 26
    29 31
    21.Click to enter 5 Stones mode
    22.Click to enter Puzzle mode
    23.Click to enter GPS path mode
    Radio Operation Instruction
    stop at the station searched and start to play that station.
    Click to switch between LOC and DX. In DX state it displays and removes weak signal
    stations when scanning and searching stations; in LOC state it displays DX and removes weak signal
    stations when scanning and searching stations; Click to switch between Stereo and Mono.
    Stereo displays ,Click to switch to AM mode, and / icons become grey because
    AM mode doesn’t support these two functions, the other operation is same with FM operation.
    Disc Playback Instruction
    Disc Playback Instruction
    1. Stop function
    2. Selects track function
    3. Play function
    4. Selects track function
    5. Random playback function
    6. Looping function
    7. Enter the track list and audio, video,
    images category selection function
    Two is the VCD DISC
    Three is the DVD DISC
    1. Channel selection function
    2. VCD playback menu
    3. Playback progress display and fast
    fixed-point play
    4. Next page function
    5. Last page function
    6. DVD play menu option
    7. DVD video Angle Choose function
    8. Video and photo enlarged with reduced function
    9. Voice display icon
    USB & SD Card Operation Instruction
    Audio playback interface
    Video playback interface
    Picture playback interface
    USB & SD Card Operation Instruction
    Disc, USB & SD card playback operation is the same, and when the disc playback operation of some
    function were the same the difference is as follows:
    Click to swivel
    Click to select subtitle
    On the left column, from top to bottom it is folder playback, video playback, picture playback and
    audio playback.Folder playback is comprehensive playback, includes video, audio, picture.
    The default playback mode is audio playback.The right side icons are page up/page down buttons.
    Between these two icons there are playlist page numbers and current page number display.
    In center of the page there is program list. The program could be selected through right side
    up/down buttons and confirmed by click on the program name in the center program list,
    the player will play the selected program. If there is no operation on this page, it will restore to
    playback interface in 30 seconds.
    Use the mobile phone to search BT device, when found “ CAR_KIT” , connect and input PIN code.
    After successful connection, the mobile phone model will be displayed on this interface.When it is set to
    automatic connection, every time the player is turned on, it will automatically connect with mobile phone,
    no need to search and connect manually. When it is set to automatic answer,it will automatically answer
    the incoming calls (the default setting is non-automatic answer).It is possible to revise BT device name
    and PIN code in accordance with customers’ need.Because there are many mobile phone brands in the
    market, the system could not match all the phones. To use the BT device normally, it is suggested
    to pair the mobile phone with the BT device. When you meet some phone models could not pair
    successfully, please contact with the after-sale service center.
    After connected successfully,click to enter BT main page. All the buttons are operational status,
    input phone numbers and click to dial out.
    1. Delete input number/signs
    2. Dial out/Answer incoming calling
    3. Hang up the phone
    4. Successful BT dial display, when dial is
    5. BT volume adjustment
    successful, the icon displays a phone status.
    Click “Synchronous”, the contacts from phone will be displayed on the player simultaneously.
    Click to page up/down the phonebook. Click to make a speed dial.
    When play BT music, the connected mobile phone must have music with supported audio
    format. In the process of playback, click to stop; click to play last track;
    click to play next track; click to pause/play.
    to select General
    to select Factory Set
    to select Sound.
    XM-2DTSBN6215 XM-2DTSBN6215
    Click on system setting interface. Select the map position and confirm it,return to
    the main menu page to click Navigation or press NAVI on panel to enter navigation mode.
    The player provides the user with eight steering wheel buttons’ function which match with
    most car models on the market and the operation is simple.
    Firstly, make sure the steering wheel control wires from this player (usually includes two
    wires, one is KEY1, the other one is KEY2) are well connected with steering wheel
    buttons’ A/D wire; secondly, one hand presses a button on steering wheel, the other hand
    click correspondent button on the above interface; if the setup is successful, it shows
    “setup successful” and the touch button color becomes grey, the other buttons could be
    setup by this way and click to complete SWC setup ; if the setup is unsuccessful or
    only some of the steering wheel buttons setup successful, the user must click and
    select low resistance, then repeat the setup steps from beginning again.
    Radio Operation Instruction ------------------------------------------- 9
    SETTING INSTRUCTION/GPS ----------------------------------- 17
    S.W.C ----------------------------------- 18
    2. HOME MENU
    5. FM RADIO
    6. USB SLOT
    7. EJECT
    10. DVD
    11. EQ SETTING
    13. AUX IN JACK
Xomax XM-2DTSBN6215

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