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Mode Of Usage

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RAVE Capsule Speaker™ X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™ X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™

Package Contents




Technical Specification

Speaker Specifications
Dimension 49.2mm X 62.3mm (closed resonator)
Net Weight 98.6g
Speaker Magnetically Shielded 40mm (4Ω)
Loudspeaker Output 2.5W
Frequency Response 110 Hz – 18 kHz
Signal-to-Noise ≥89dB
Distortion ≤0.3%
Audio Playback Time Up to 8 hours
Battery Capacity 550mAh
Battery Charging Voltage
Battery Charge Time Minimum 2 hours
FM Radio Specifications
FM Frequency Range
87MHz – 108MHz (European Standard)
FM Radio Playback Time up to 6 hours
RAVE Capsule Speaker™
RAVE Capsule Speaker™

Mode Of Usage

RAVE Capsule Speaker™
RAVE Capsule Speaker™
Connect another X-mini
II Capsule Speaker ™ into the Buddy-Jack
to create jaw-dropping audio! You may also connect previous
generations of X-mini
Capsule Speaker ™ or even earphones
into the Buddy-Jack™ to expand on volume or multi-functionality.

Charging and playing

USB 2.0
Safety Rules
1) Please follow the rules depicted in this manual closely to ensure your safety. Before using
the speaker, we would strongly encourage you to read through this user manual.
2) Be more wary of any edges, uneven surfaces, metal parts, accessories and its packaging
so as to prevent any possible injury or damage.
3) Keep this speaker out of reach of children. Take note that this speaker is not edible and
should not be placed in your mouth.
4) Do not modify, repair or dismantle the speaker. Doing so may result in fires, electric shocks,
complete breakdown of the speaker, etc. All of which, are not covered under warranty.
5) Do not use any diluents or volatile liquid to clean the speaker. Keep in mind that the
surface of the speaker should only be wiped with a clean dry cloth.
6) Do not use this speaker in locations whereby there are high-temperatures or high humidity
levels (For instance, bathrooms); ideally, the speaker should be used in a location free
of dust and exposure to direct sunlight.
7) Do not insert foreign objects, such as pins, into this speaker.
8) Do not touch this speaker when your hands are wet as this may result in electric shocks.
9) Turn down the volume before/while using this speaker as sudden loud sounds
may damage it.
10) Refrain from dropping the speaker as well as any collision with other objects.
11) Do not use this speaker when in hazardous locations.
12) Should any abnormal situations or problems occur while using the speaker, discontinue
use of speaker immediately.
LED Battery Indicator
When charging:
Red – X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker ™ is charging
Blue – X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker ™ is Fully charged
When in use:
Blue – X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker ™ is Turned on
Blue (dim) – X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker ™ Battery low

Warranty and Support

© Xmi Pte Ltd 2007-2011. All rights reserved. Xmi Pte Ltd assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear
in this manual. Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
Visit us www.x-mini.com
Facebook fanpage : X-mini
Product Registration
Obtaining Warranty Service
Multi-Language Product Manual
Help and Other Support
Limited Warranty
1) If within 12 months of purchase this device or any part thereof is proven to be defective
by reason of faulty workmanship or defects in materials, we will at our option repair or
replace the same free of charge of labor or materials on condition that:
1) The original invoice or sales receipt with the date of purchase, or stamp from
the dealer is presented together with the defective unit.
2) The warranty does not cover Product failures which have been caused
by use of accessories other peripheral devices which are not X-mini™ branded
original accessories intended for use with the Product.
3) The warranty does not cover Product failures caused by:
Modification, repaired, and disassembled by any person who is not authorized
by the manufacturer.
Any defective unit or part shall become property of the manufacturer.
The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, drop, hit or neglect.
Congratulations on your purchase of an X-mini™ product. Xmi Pte Ltd presents
the all new X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™, another audio revolution!
The X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™ couples the goodness of X-mini™ II
Capsule Speaker™ with addition of an internal radio receiver. With the built-in
proprietary SIRA™ Technology, the X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™ delivers
a clear crisp radio broadcast without the need for an external antenna. Be it
for individual or group entertainment, the X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™
is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player of your choice.


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X-MINI Rave specificaties

Hieronder vindt u de productspecificaties en de handleiding specificaties van de X-MINI Rave.

Als prestaties de hoogste prioriteit zijn, vertrouw dan op bewezen, vertrouwde technologie. Met de cilindrische lithium-...
Model Rave | 40 10 0066
Product Cradle/docking station
Taal Engels
Bestandstype Handleiding (PDF)
Audio-uitgangskanalen 1.0 kanalen
Aantal luidsprekers 1
Aantal drivers 1
Diameter driver 40 mm
Luidspreker soort 1-weg
Versterker Ingebouwd
Aanbevolen gebruik Universeel
FM-radio Ja
Regeling van bass-niveau Ja
Signaal/ruis-verhouding 89 dB
Gemiddeld vermogen 2.5 W
Frequentiebereik 110 - 18000 Hz
Impedantie 4 Ohm
Totale harmonische vervorming (THD) 0.3 procent
Poorten & interfaces
Connectiviteitstechnologie Bedraad
USB oplaadpoort Ja
3,5mm-connector Ja
Wifi Nee
Bluetooth Nee
Kleur van het product Zwart
Ingebouwd display Ja
Type beeldscherm LCD
Type product Mono draadloze luidspreker
Overige specificaties
Magnetisch afgeschermd Ja
Reisetui Ja
Type stroombron Battery,USB
Type batterij Ingebouwd
Accu/Batterij voltage 5 V
Levensduur accu/batterij 8 uur
Batterijtechnologie Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Capaciteit van de accu/batterij 550 mAh
Accu/Batterij oplaadtijd 3 uur
Opladen via USB Ja
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 49.2 mm
Diepte 49.2 mm
Hoogte 98.6 mm
Inhoud van de verpakking
Meegeleverde kabels USB
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