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  • Dell Wyse P20
    and No Click Access
    Fast, secure access that’s always on,
    always with you
    The Dell Wyse P20 zero client and VMware View VDI
    software are transforming how medical sta, securities
    traders and government ocials access critical data in
    real-time with virtual desktop solutions that deliver security,
    simplicity and convenience at much lower cost than PCs.
    Now with Imprivata’s OneSign Virtual Desktop Access™,
    the Dell Wyse P20 zero client provides secure access to
    roaming virtual desktops within seconds for each log-in.
    Using proximity authentication, users can securely access
    their virtual desktops within seconds by tapping an ID badge
    against a smart authentication reader connected to the
    Dell Wyse P20. The desktop appears in the exact same state
    as when the user last used it, wherever they used it. No
    Click Access eliminates the need to memorize and enter
    multiple passwords and credentials while signing onto
    virtual desktops, saving valuable – often critical – time.
    Simple. Fast. Secure.
    As the industry’s premier zero client for VMware View, the
    P20 oers incredible ease-of-use, security, performance
    and flexibility in any roaming desktop application. And with
    no CPU, application OS, device drivers, fan or hard drive
    the P20 is easy to centrally manage and maintain, uses
    roughly 90% less energy than a PC, and lasts longer. As a
    result, the solution dramatically improves eciencies, now
    and in years to come.
    Simple, fast, secure sign-on for demanding
    Dell Wyse zero clients facilitate electronic record-keeping
    in support of strict compliance mandates and ensure
    faster, more reliable access to critical information and
    life-impacting applications. With Imprivata OneSign Virtual
    Desktop Access, clinicians tap a proximity card to an
    authentication reader connected to the Dell Wyse P20.
    Within seconds, a personalized desktop session
    resumes – no sign-in needed.
    Securities trading
    Every second counts when stock is rising or falling, and
    a delay could mean the loss of hundreds or thousands
    of dollars – or more. With the Dell Wyse P20 and a
    connected proximity card reader, a broker can instantly
    log on to a P20-powered kiosk on the trading floor or
    zero client in his or her oce to make the trade without
    wasting time entering credentials.
    Government facilities
    In high-security environments where access control is
    strictly monitored, often with second-order authentication,
    the P20 with a connected proximity card reader enables
    rapid user authentication, ensuring only authorized access
    to sensitive information. Remote management enables
    centralized administration and control, and the ability
    to carefully track and report on access and activity for
    regulatory purposes.
    Access roaming virtual
    desktops in seconds with the
    Dell Wyse P20
    Dell Wyse Technology is helping medical, financial
    and secure government professionals protect critical
    information, save time and improve eciencies with
    unprecedented instant access to full-featured virtual
    desktops over zero clients optimized for VMware
    View. Imprivata No Click Access™ to the Dell Wyse
    P20 zero client strongly authenticates users in an
    instant to improve information access over rich,
    full-featured virtual roaming desktops.
Wyse P20

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Model P20
Product Desktop
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