Volkswagen Passat (2015) handleiding

Volkswagen Passat (2015)
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Starting and stopping the engine


In this section you’ll find information about:
Warning and indicator lights
Vehicle key positions in the ignition switch
Starter button
Starting the engine
Remote start feature
Stopping the engine
Electronic immobilizer
Engine preheating system
Explanatory notes in this section regarding automatic transmissions also apply to the DSG
Direct Shift Gearbox automatic transmission.
Immobilizer display
If an unauthorized vehicle key is used or the system malfunctions, Immobilizer active! may
appear on the instrument cluster. The engine cannot be started.
Push-starting and tow-starting
For technical reasons, never try to push-start or tow-start the vehicle. Jump-start the vehicle instead
while following proper and safe procedures.
More information:
Vehicle key set
Shifting gears
Braking, stopping and parking
Driver assistance systems
Emergency closing and opening


Switching off the engine while the vehicle is moving can make the vehicle harder to stop and
result in loss of vehicle control, leading to collisions and severe personal injuries.
Brake and steering assistance systems, the airbag system, safety belt pretensioners, and
other vehicle safety features only work when the engine is running.
Switch off the engine only when the vehicle is not moving.
Volkswagen Passat (2015)

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