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7.Leg Length Adjustment

5.Lower column

2.Fixing bolts for the head


4-1.Leg Angle Adjustment 4-2.Leg Angle Adjustment 4-3.Leg Angle Adjustment
Head Screw of ULTRA REXi L is interchange-
able. Normally 1/4 inch has been set when
shipped out from the factory.
However it is possible to change the size of the
screw by changing direction to 3/8 inch. In order
to remove the 1/4 inch screw, please use the
wrench which is included in the package and
rotate the Hexagonal Nut, then remove the screw
and insert upside down, then set the hexagonal
nut back for locking firmly.
While legs are closed position, slide the Leg
Angle Adjusting Knob to right until feeling the
click to stop.
Open the legs to obtain the low position. The
Elevator can be split by rotating lower column to
In case opening the legs unexpectedly, push
the Cancel Button to set back to the original
After opening the legs fully, set back leg angle
slowly to be located at the Semi-Low angle with
the Click sound.
Closing the legs further until the leg angle
becomes standard with a click sound.
After detaching the Lower Column, remove the
Center End and screw in the end of the upper
column. Do not lose the Lower Column after that.
Holding the Leg Top Rubber tightly and rotating
to Unlock direction with feeling 4 clicks which
means each leg section becomes loosen.
Extending the legs till the end, then twisting to
the Lock direction firmly. For folding back the
legs, please do opposite way.
Use the second locking part which is covered
with foam grip in order to shorten the length after
fully extending the legs. Rotate to the Second
locking part to the unlocking direction while
pushing down to shorten or pulling up to extend
for the adjustment the length. After reaching to
the desired length, twisting to the Lock direction
with even stronger tension.
In the package, there are bolts for fixing the head
on the Pedestal firmly as additional parts.
Insert the bolts from the bottom side of the
Pedestal and making sure to touch the bottom of
the Panhead safely.
There are several sizes of the bolts to fit
with any type of the length of the Pedestal
and Camera mounting screw.
The bolts may skratch the bottom of the
head due to its function as well as
While sliding down the locking plate, raise up the
EV Locking Lever, then the Elevator becomes
unlock. Up or down the Elevator to desired height
and push down the EV Locking Lever to lock. EV
Locking Lever can be tighten or loosen by
turning the adjusting bolt with a hexagonal
wrench which is included in the package.
Make sure holding your camera while
operating the Elevator.

1.Head screw for the tripod

For ULTRA REXi L(A) only For ULTRA REXi L(A) only

6.Legs extension and lock



Leg Top Rubber may be dirty after use on the ground. Please be careful it may cause your cloths or your
hand. Watch your finger which may not be bound while extending or folding the legs. Before installing
the Camera on the tripod, please make sure the strength of the leg locking by pushing from the above of
the tripod. After checking that any leg does not collapse, please put your camera on the tripod.
UNC 1/4 inch UNC 3/8 inch
Hexagonal Nut
EV Locking
Raise up
Up and Down
Adjusting Bolt
Leg Angle
Adjusting Knob
Cancel Button
Leg Angle Adjusting Knob
returns automatically to left.
Leg Angle Adjusting Knob
returns automatically to left.
Lower column
(Detached elevator lower section)
Standard Leg Angle
Screw in
Lower Column
Center End
Leg Top Rubber
Feeling 4 clicks at
each section of the legs
Extending along with
the groove till the end
HS Imaging GmbH
Alte Landstraße 26
51647 Gummersbach
Telefon (02263) 90 231 41
Telefax (02263) 90 231 46


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