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Tiptel Snom DECT repeater
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  • snom m3 DECT Range Repeater

    A repeater is used when you need to extend
    the range of your cordless DECT telephone to
    include areas where reception was previously not
    The DECT Range Repeater is especially suited
    to be used together with the snom m3.
    Simply follow the Auto registration
    All the usual mobile unit functions except for firm-
    ware update and central phone book are supported
    by the base station in this extended radio range.
    The repeater and base station have wireless
    connections with each other, just as the repeater
    and handset have wireless connections. Signals
    are exchanged without the user hearing or
    noticing the difference.

    System with multiple repeaters

    Up to 6 repeaters can be registered at a base
    station. The number of mobile units to be
    operated only depends on the type of the base
    station installed.
    All repeaters must be installed within the
    base stations coverage area, as shown in the
    The repeaters can be used to extend the
    coverage area in all directions - including up and
    down (e.g. to cover several floors in a building).
    If the repeaters are placed correctly (overlapping
    the coverage area of the base station), you
    can go from one area (cell) to the other while
    speaking on the mobile unit.
    The mobile unit will automatically switch from
    cell to cell without this being noticed during the
    telephone call.
    Before the repeater is installed, it must be
    registered to the base station.
    The repeater can be registered to a base station
    in two ways, automatic or manual registration.

    Auto registration

    1. Ensure that the repeater is switched off
    (disconnect the power plug).
    2. Set the base station in registration mode.
    On most base stations, the procedure is
    started by holding down the “Registration” or
    “Page” key for several seconds. Consult your
    base station user guide for more information.
    For the snom m3
    , press the RESET key on
    the base station.
    3. Switch on the repeater (connect the power
    4. The LED on the repeater flashes. After a short
    while the LED stays on permanently indicating
    that registration is complete and the unit is
    ready for operation.
    Note! If the registration is not immediately
    successful, the LED will flash continuously. In this
    case, repeat the procedure.
    Note! Before reinstalling the repeater (e.g. at
    another base station), please reset the repeater
    beforehand as described below:
    Switch off the unit (disconnect the power
    Switch on for 1 to 5 seconds and switch off
    Switch on for 25 to 35 seconds and switch it
    off again.
    Now the repeater is ready for a new auto

    Manual registration

    The repeater registration procedure varies
    depending on the base station installed. The base
    station, a mobile unit (handset) and the repeater
    must be accessible before registration can be
    performed. If you are connecting more than
    one repeater, registration must be performed
    separately for each repeater.
    The base station and a mobile unit should be
    ready for operation, the repeater must not yet be
    connected to the main supply.
    The following procedure is also shown as a quick
    guide on the back of this user manual.
    1. Set the repeater in registration mode. Insert
    the repeaters power plug for 1-5 seconds
    in the socket and then remove it. Insert it
    once more and leave it there. The LED on
    the repeater flashes slowly after the start.
    You now have five minutes to carry out the
    registration. If the procedure is not carried out
    within this period you must start over again.
    2. Set the base station in registration mode.
    On most base stations, the procedure is
    started by holding down the “Registration” or
    “Page” key for several seconds. Consult your
    base station user guide for more information.
    3. The LED on the front of the repeater flashes.
    If the LED flashes very quickly without
    interruptions go to step 5. If the LED flashes
    very quickly with brief interruptions go to step
    4. Registration of the handset:
    If the base code has been changed, it must
    be set to “0000”. You must repeat the
    registration procedure even if the mobile
    unit used was already registered at the base
    station, (consult your base station user guide
    for more information). Now the LED flashes
    very quickly without interruptions.
    5. Assign a repeater number:
    You must now assign a repeater number
    to the repeater (selection: 2-7, for up to 6
    Please note that each number can only be
    assigned once, when using more than one
    repeater. These numbers are independent of
    the mobile unit extension numbers.
    Hook off by pressing the
    -key (the LED
    stops flashing). Press a number between
    2 and 7. When the repeater has accepted
    the chosen number, the LED will flash a
    corresponding number of times. Accept the
    registration by pressing the
    -key and then
    the hook-on
    key. The repeater is now
    automatically restarted. The LED goes off for
    2 seconds, flashes for a brief moment and the
    LED remains continuously illuminated.
    The registration of the repeater is completed.
    You can now disconnect the power and
    move the repeater to the selected location
    (disconnecting the power will not delete the


    To get the best operation conditions for the
    repeater, it is important to place it correctly.
    Here are a few tips for placing of repeaters:
    Choose a raised position with a good base
    station reception.
    When positioning you should avoid obstacles
    that can interfere with a radio transmission,
    such as thick walls, radiators etc.
    You should avoid interference from other
    electrical appliances, such as micro-wave
    ovens, hi-fi equipment, computers etc. close
    to an electric socket.
    A distance of minimum 10 meters should be
    observed when installing two repeaters in an
    overlapping reception range.
    To find the best possible location for the repeater,
    you have to try different locations. Establish
    a call and walk around with the handset to
    determine the base stations coverage area. You
    can install the repeater at a location, in the edge
    of the coverage area, where you still have a
    good connection between the handset and the
    base station. A new coverage area will now be
    available around the repeater.
    Note: The LED must remain on constantly after
    the device has been switched on.
    If the LED flashes, the repeater is too far away
    from the base station or reception is being
    hindered by thick walls or metal objects (e.g.

    Verification tone

    The verification tone enables you to establish
    whether or not the mobile unit is working in
    the extended area of the repeater. This tone is
    audible on the activated mobile unit as long as
    the unit is connected to the repeater.
    Carry out the procedure described below on your
    repeater in order to switch the verification tone
    on and off:
    Switch off the repeater (disconnect the power
    Switch on for 1-5 seconds and switch it off
    Switch on again. The LED on the repeater is
    flashing slowly, switch off again.
    Switch it on again. The verification tone is
    then activated or deactivated.


    Simply wipe the repeater with a damp cloth or an
    antistatic wipe. Never use solvents or a dry cloth
    (static discharge).
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Tiptel Snom DECT repeater

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