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  • TERRATEC NOXON B1 - Quick Start Guide
    Thank you for buying purchasing a TERRATEC product. Before use, please read the instructions care-
    fully and keep them for later reference.
    Getting started
    Before the B1 is used for the rst time, it needs to be charged up for at least 30 minutes. To do
    this, connect the NOXON B1 to the USB charger provided using the USB cable supplied. A red LED
    comes on to indicate the unit is charging.
    It can take the unit up to 5 hours to charge completely. Once connected to the charger, the NOXON B1
    can be used after 30 minutes with the battery still charging.
    When the red LED goes out, the battery is fully charged.
    Connect the plug on the audio cable supplied to the audio output of the NOXON B1 and connect the other
    end of the cable to your active loudspeaker or stereo system.
    Switching on
    Hold the on/off button down for about 10 seconds until the blue LED starts ashing quickly (about 4 times
    a second). The device is now in detection mode (Bluetooth pairing) and is ready to connect to your
    output device.
    Now activate the Bluetooth function on your output device (smartphone, tablet, Mac or computer) and it
    will automatically search for new Bluetooth devices.
    The NOXON B1 appears in the list of available devices and can be selected as the preferred audio device.
    The blue LED lights up continuously as soon as the connection is established. The Bluetooth Pairing
    process only needs to be carried out once. In future, you can simply switch the device on (by press-
    ing the button for 4 seconds) to establish a connection.
    Switching off
    The B1 switches off automatically if there is no Bluetooth connection. It can also be switched off manu-
    ally by holding the button for approx. 4 seconds.
    USB port On/Off button Audio output
    CE Conrmity
    TERRATEC-NOXON Vertriebs GmbH, Herrenpfad 38, 41334 Nettetal, Germany hereby declares that
    the product to which this declaration refers is in compliance with the basic protective requirements of
    EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. CE conformity has been demonstrated.
Terratec NOXON B1

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Merk Terratec
Model NOXON B1
Product Receiver
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