Stauer 26274 handleiding

    B - CROWN
    E - 24-HOUR DIAL
    This watch features three distinct
    watch face display dials: day of the
    week, date and a 24-hour indicator.
    1. Locate the crown on your Stauer
    watch (diagram part B).
    Using gen-
    tle force, you will need to unlock the
    crown to make setting adjustments.
    To unlock the crown, turn the crown
    counterclockwise (toward you) 5 or 6
    times until you feel the crown “pop
    out” on the spring. Your crown is
    now unlocked and in the “1” posi-
    tion. Please note the three crown
    positions (0-1-2) in the diagram.
    2. Before the watch is worn for the first
    time, wind the crown by hand, 15 to 20
    cycles by rolling the crown counter-
    clockwise (away from you) while in the
    “1” position.
    3. To set the time: Pull the crown (part B)
    out to position “2” which will allow you
    to position watch hands for proper time
    selection. Once time is set, screw crown
    back into “0” position.
    4. To set the date dial (part C): Pull the
    crown (part B) out to position “2.”
    Unscrew the Date Setting Button (part
    D) until it unlocks and press it once for
    each day until you advance to the
    desired date setting.
    NOTE: The date should not be adjusted
    between 9:00pm to 1:00am, otherwise the
    day may not change properly.
    Stauer Rose Gold-finished
    Monaco Watch
    5. To set the day of the week dial (part
    F): Pull the crown (part B) out to posi-
    tion “2” and press the Day of the Week
    Setting Button (part A) once for each
    day until you advance to the desired day
    f the week setting.
    6. To set the 24 hour indicator (part E):
    The 24-hour military time dial (part E)
    displays every hour of the day and dif-
    ferentiates the time between AM and
    PM. It is an added feature that does
    not require separate setting and is set
    simply by setting the time.
    NOTE: Push buttons and crown may be
    machine-tightened. Be careful when
    unscrewing them so as not to damage the
    mechanisms of watch.
    - 27-jewel automatic movement
    - Rose gold-finished stainless steel case
    - Exhibition back
    - 5 ATM water resistance
    - Genuine leather band
    Please remember to wear your Stauer watch
    each day to ensure its lifelong accuracy and
    dependability for your timekeeping needs.
    By continually wearing your Stauer watch,
    you will be taking full advantage of its state
    of the art automatic winding feature which
    allows the watch to function utilizing your
    simple body movement. It can, however, be
    reactivated simply by instilling motion by
    being worn. When not wearing the watch,
    resting the watch on its side (with crown fac-
    ing towards the ceiling) will help to keep
    more accurate time.
    Visit us at
    to learn more about the fantastic
    benefits of owning a Stauer Watch!
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Stauer 26274 specificaties

Merk Stauer
Model 26274
Product Horloge
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF

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