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Sony Walkman NWZ-B133
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NWZ-B133 / B135 / B133F / B135F. GB, US. 4-113-288-11(1)
About the Manual
Quick Start Guide: Explains set up, enabling you to import songs to a
computer, and to transfer them to the player.
Operation Guide (PDF file): Explains advanced features of the player and
offers troubleshooting information.
Troubleshooting: Explains symptoms, causes and remedies when the player has
Precautions: Explains important notes to prevent accidents.To view the Operation Guide (PDF file)1. Connect the player directly to a USB port on your computer.2. Double-click [My Computer] - [WALKMAN] or [Removable Disk] - [Storage Media]*
- [Operation Guide] - [xxx_NWZB100.pdf*
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You need Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader 5.0 in your computer. Adobe Reader can
be downloaded from the Internet for free.

Supplied Accessories

Please check the accessories in the package. Headphones (1) Operation Guide (PDF file) (1) Quick Start Guide (this manual) (1)

Charging the Battery

The player’s battery is recharged while the player is connected to a running computer.
About 70 minutes
Fully chargedCharging
4-113-288-11 (1)

Quick Start Guide

©2008 Sony Corporation Printed in China REC/STOP button
Starts/stops recording. You can record
the sound from the microphone or
the currently received FM program
(NWZ-B133F/B135F only).
VOL +/– button BASS button
Activates the Bass function to
emphasize the low sound range.
Turn on the player. Turn off the
player by pressing and holding it.
Starts/pauses song playback or
pauses/restarts recording. When a
menu appears on the display, use this
button to confirm menu item.
/ button
Selects a song, album, artist, folder or
menu item. You can also skip to the
beginning of the song/album/artist/
folder, fast-forward or fast-rewind.
Power Illuminator
Illuminated by LED. The pattern of
the illumination varies by each
BACK/HOME button
Returns to the previous menu. Press
and hold this button to display the
HOME menu.
Display Microphone
For recording sound by the player.
(Headphone) jack RESET button
Resets the player when you press the
RESET button with a small pin, etc.
Strap hole HOLD switch USB cap
Remove the USB cap and connect the
USB connector of the player to a USB
connector on your computer.
NWZ-B133 / B135 / B133F / B135F
When playing back a song

Turning the Player On and Off

To turn on the playerPress the
button to turn on the player. The player resumes the operation from the point where you last turned off.To turn off the playerPress and hold the
button to turn off the player. “POWER OFF” appears.

About the HOME menu

The HOME menu appears when you press and hold the BACK/HOME button of the player. The HOME menu is the starting point to play songs, listen to FM radio*
, play recorded sound files, or change settings. For details, refer to the Operation Guide (PDF file).When menu items appear on the HOME menu, press the / button to select an item, and then press the button to confirm.You can return to the previous menu by pressing the BACK/HOME button, and you can return to the HOME menu by pressing and holding it.HOME menu*
The icons appear in the HOME menu and the color of the selected icon is inverted.
By pressing the / button, you can select an icon, and then press the
button to confirm.
Voice Plays/deletes recorded sound file.
Music Library Plays transferred songs on the player.
Plays FM radio, or plays back or deletes a recorded FM program.
Settings Sets function settings of music, FM*
, voice recording, or the player.
NWZ-B133F/B135F only

Parts and Controls

Front Song title/File name indication
Displays song title or file name
currently being played back.
Playback range indication
Displays the playback range.
Playback progress bar
Displays playback progress.
Playing status indication
Displays the current play mode (
: pause,
): fast-
rewind (or fast-forward),
): skip to the beginning of the
current (or next) song).
Current song number indication
Displays the song number currently
selected or being played back.
Play mode indication
Displays the current play mode icon.
If the play mode is set to “Normal,
no icon appears.
Bass function/equalizer mode indication
Displays whether the Bass function is
activated or which equalizer mode is
Remaining battery indication
Displays the remaining battery power.
See reverse side.
Sony Walkman NWZ-B133

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Sony Walkman NWZ-B133 specificaties

Merk Sony
Model Walkman NWZ-B133
Product Mp3 speler
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF
Totale opslagcapaciteit 1 GB
Type opslagmedium Flashgeheugen
Equalizer-instellingen Ja
Aantal banden equalizer 5
Ondersteund audioformaat MP3,WMA
Stemopname Ja
FM-radio Nee
Backlight Ja
Tekstregels 3 regels
Kleur van het product Blauw
Continue audio-afspeeltijd 16 uur
Oplaadbaar Ja
Accu/Batterij oplaadtijd 1.10 uur
Inhoud van de verpakking
Batterijen inbegrepen Ja
Gewicht en omvang
Gewicht 29 g
Diepte 15 mm
Hoogte 25 mm
Breedte 89.5 mm
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