Smeg DCF02BLUK handleiding

  • Contents
    1 Instructions 4
    1.1 Introduction 4
    1.2 This user manual 4
    1.3 Intended use 4
    1.4 General safety instructions 4
    1.5 Manufacturer liability 7
    1.6 Identification plate 7
    1.7 Disposal 7
    2 Description 8
    2.1 Product description 8
    3 Use 9
    3.1 Before first use 9
    3.2 First use 10
    3.3 Accessing the settings menu 10
    3.4 How to prepare the coffee 12
    4 Cleaning and maintenance 17
    4.1 Instructions 17
    4.2 Cleaning the drip coffee machine 17
    4.3 Cleaning the drip coffee machine components 17
    4.4 Descaling 18
    4.5 What to do if... 20
    We advise you to read this manual carefully, as it contains all the instructions for maintaining the appliance’s aesthetic
    and functional qualities.
    For further information on the product:
    The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes deemed useful for improvement of its products without prior
    notice. The illustrations and descriptions contained in this manual are therefore not binding and are merely indicative.

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Smeg DCF02BLUK specificaties

Merk Smeg
Product Koffiezetapparaat
EAN 8017709280659
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF

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