SilverCrest SBL 3.0 A1

SilverCrest SBL 3.0 A1 handleiding

  • 08/2014 – V 1.19
    The Bluetooth
    word mark and logos are
    registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG,
    Inc. (Special Interest Group).
    USB is a registered trademark.
    Other names and products may be the
    trademarks or registered trademarks of
    their respective owners.
    Thank you for purchasing a SilverCrest
    product. Read on for information on how
    to use the device.
    Intended use
    This is a consumer electronics device
    which is used to listen to music. The audio
    source can be connected either via
    or to the AUX In socket. The
    device can also be used as a hands-free
    set. It is only designed for private use and
    not for industrial or commercial purposes.
    Furthermore, the device may not be used
    in tropical climates. The manufacturer
    does not accept any liability for any
    resulting damage or faults in the event of
    unauthorised modifications to the device.
    Please observe the regulations and laws
    in the country of use.
    Supplied items
    SilverCrest SBL 3.0 A1 Bluetooth
    Micro USB to USB cable
    Micro USB to 3.5mm jack cable
    These instructions
    Technical data
    Dimensions (H x ): 50 x 60 mm
    Weight: approx. 230g
    Port: Micro USB
    Operating voltage: 5V
    Power consumption: 500mA max. via
    Battery: Li-Ion, 3.7V,
    Operation time: approx. 8 hours
    Charging time: approx. 3 hours
    Loudspeaker: 2Ω, 3W
    Output: 2.8W max. /
    10% total
    : V3.0
    range: up to 10m
    Profile support: A2DP, AVRCP,
    temperature: 0°C to +45°C
    Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
    Air humidity: max. 75% rel. air
    The technical data and design may be
    changed without notification.
    Safety instructions
    Before using this device for the first time,
    please read the following instructions
    carefully and take note of the safety
    warnings, even if you are familiar with the
    use of electronic devices. Store these
    instructions in a safe place for future
    reference. If you sell the device or pass it
    on, always include these instructions.
    They are an integral part of the device.
    Explanation of the hazard
    symbols used in these
    DANGER! This symbol in
    conjunction with the
    "danger" note indicates an
    imminent dangerous
    situation which, if not
    prevented, could result in
    serious injury or even death.
    WARNING! This symbol
    in conjunction with the
    "warning" note indicates
    important information for
    safe operation of the device
    and the safety of the user.
    DANGER! Radio
    Turn the device off in aircraft, hospitals,
    operating rooms or in the vicinity of
    medical electronic systems. The
    transmitted radio waves can impair the
    functionality of sensitive devices. Keep the
    device at least 20cm away from any
    pacemakers or implantable cardioverter
    defibrillators, since the proper functioning
    of the pacemaker can be impaired by
    radio waves. The transmitted radio waves
    can cause interference in hearing aids.
    Do not place the device in the vicinity of
    flammable gases or in a potentially
    explosive environment (e.g. paint shop)
    when the radio components are switched
    on since the transmitted radio waves can
    cause an explosion or a fire. The range of
    the radio waves is dependent on
    conditions in the surrounding
    environment. In the event of data traffic
    via a wireless connection, it is also
    possible for unauthorised third parties to
    receive data. Targa GmbH is not
    responsible for radio or television
    interference caused by unauthorised
    changes to this device. In addition,
    TARGA assumes no responsibility for the
    replacement or exchange of connecting
    lines and devices not indicated by
    TARGA GmbH. Only the user himself is
    responsible for the elimination of
    interference caused by such unauthorised
    changes and for the replacement or
    exchange of the devices.
    DANGER! Risk of
    The device must not be thrown into a fire
    because the built-in battery may explode.
    WARNING! Ensure that
    no direct heat sources (e.g. heating)
    can affect the device;
    no direct sunlight or bright artificial light
    reaches the device;
    any contact with splashed and dripping
    water and corrosive liquids is avoided
    and the device is not operated in the
    vicinity of water. In particular, the
    device should never be submerged in
    liquid; do not place any vessels filled
    with liquid, e.g. vases or drinks, on or
    near the device;
    no fires sources (e.g. burning candles)
    are placed on or near the device;
    no foreign objects penetrate the device;
    the device is never subjected to
    extreme temperature fluctuations as this
    could result in condensation and
    electrical short circuits. If the device
    was subjected to extreme temperature
    fluctuations, however, wait (approx. 2
    hours) until the device has reached
    ambient temperature before use;
    the device is never subjected to
    excessive shocks and vibrations;
    connected cables are always laid in
    such a manner that nobody can step
    on them or trip over them. There is a
    risk of injury;
    the device is used on a firm, flat
    surface. Please note
    that furniture may have been treated
    with care products that could attack the
    rubber coating on the loudspeaker.
    DANGER! Children
    and persons with
    This device can be used by children aged
    8 and older and by persons with reduced
    physical, sensory or mental abilities or
    lack of experience and knowledge if they
    are supervised or have been instructed on
    the safe use of the loudspeaker and
    understand the resulting risks. Children
    must not play with the loudspeaker.
    Cleaning and user maintenance must not
    be carried out by children without
    supervision. Always keep plastic
    packaging away from children.
    It poses a suffocation
    Cleaning /
    It is necessary to repair the device if it has
    been damaged in any way, for example,
    if the housing is damaged, if liquid or
    objects have penetrated the device or if
    the product has been exposed to rain or
    moisture. Repair work is also required if
    the device is not working properly or has
    been dropped. If smoke is produced, or
    there are any unusual sounds or smells,
    turn the device off immediately. In
SilverCrest SBL 3.0 A1

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De speaker maakt geen bluetooth verbinding meer.

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ik heb al heel lang een Silver Crest SBL 3.0 boxje. Sinds enige tijd kan ik mijn muziek niet meer afspelen. Bij het paren komt de infomelding, geluid en media geluid maar naar enige seconden verdwijnt media geluid en blijft alleen maar oproep geluid en kan ik geen muziek afspelen. Voorheen nooit geen last gehad. Bij andere apparaten staat bij info geluid en media wel en kan hier wel muziek op afspelen. Wat kan ik hieraan doen. Bij voorbaat dank, Leo de Vries.

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Merk SilverCrest
Model SBL 3.0 A1
Product Bluetooth speaker
Taal Engels, Duits, Sloveens
Bestandstype PDF

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