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right page (1) of A52 DTC en, A31008-H6210-A1-1-7619 (07.10.2004, 14:14)
Siemens AG 2003, E:\Auftrag\Siemens\MobilePhones\A51_A52 Fox\en\
Overview of the phone
VAR Language: en; VAR issue date: 040915
Overview of the phone
Display indicators
Signal strength/battery level.
Soft keys
Press the soft key to call up the function
that is displayed as
§Text§ or icon on the
grey fields above the key.
Call key
Dial displayed phone number or name,
accept calls. In standby mode: Display the
last calls.
On/Off/End key
Switched off: press and hold to
switch on.
During a conversation or in an
application: press briefly to finish.
In menus: press briefly to go back a
level. Press and hold to return to
standby mode.
•In standby mode: press and hold to
switch off phone.
Input keys
Numbers, letters.
Press and hold
In standby mode: switch on/off all sig-
nal tones (except alarm).
For incoming calls: only switch off ring
Press and hold
In standby mode: switch key lock on/off.
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Service provider
17.02.2003 09:15
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