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Sennheiser PC 333D G4ME
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PC 333D

The PC 333D gives even
the most raucous LAN
party an added
multichannel dimension.
It delivers a hyper-
realistic soundscape
with renowned Dolby*
Headphone technology
featuring Sennheiser
audio performance.
With its closed-acoustic
ear cup design,
7.1-channel capability
and professional noise
canceling microphone,
the PC 333D brings you
more intense 3D games
and movies too.
More spacious sound field 7.1 channel surround sound
powered by Dolby Headphone to accurately pinpoint
noises from all directions in the gamescape
Superb Sennheiser stereo sound - Sennheiser quality
speakers deliver great acoustic performance from games,
music, movies and internet calls
Great for LAN gaming - the circumaural closed acoustic
design of XL ear cups blocks out noise around you for
hyper-realistic gaming with total immersion
Quick team talk - at just a swivel of the DJ Hinge on the
right ear cup, you have direct contact with teammates
Noise canceling clarity - the professional microphone
reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations
without the need to shout
Intuitive design and automatic microphone mute the
volume control is integrated in the right ear cup and you
can mute the microphone by raising the boom arm
Essential extra supplied with a protective carrying
Peace of mind 2-year international warranty


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Merk Sennheiser
Model PC 333D G4ME
Product Headset
EAN 4044155047844
Taal Engels
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