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Philips Walita RI4415
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    Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips Walita! To fully benet from
    the support that Philips Walita offers, register your product at
    General description (Fig. 1)
    A Spray nozzle
    B Cap of lling opening
    C Steam boost
    D Spray button
    E Steam control
    F Ionic DeepSteam button (RI4444, RI4440, RI4430)
    G Ionic DeepSteam light (RI4444, RI4440, RI4430)
    H Temperature dial
    I RI4425, RI4422, RI4420, RI4412: Amber temperature light with red automatic
    shut-off (AUTO/OFF) indication. RI4415, RI4411, RI4410: Amber temperature
    J RI4444, RI4440, RI4430: Amber temperature light with red automatic shut-
    off (AUTO/OFF) indication
    K Mains cord
    L Type plate
    M Soleplate
    N Calc-Clean button
    Not shown: Heat-resistant protective cover (RI4444, RI4440 only)
    Not shown: Delicate fabric protector (RI4425, RI4415 only)
    Read this user manual carefully before you use the appliance and save it for future
    - Never immerse the iron in water.
    - Check if the voltage indicated on the type plate corresponds to the local mains
    voltage before you connect the appliance.
    - Do not use the appliance if the plug, the mains cord or the appliance itself shows
    visible damage, or if the appliance has been dropped or leaks.
    - If the mains cord is damaged, you must have it replaced by Philips Walita, a
    service centre authorised by Philips Walita or similarly qualied persons in order
    to avoid a hazard.
    - Never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to the mains.
    - This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
    reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowl-
    edge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of
    the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
    - Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appli-
    - Do not let the mains cord come into contact with the hot soleplate of the iron.
    - Only connect the appliance to an earthed wall socket.
    - Check the mains cord regularly for possible damage.
    - The soleplate of the iron can become extremely hot and may cause burns if
    - When you have nished ironing, when you clean the appliance, when you ll or
    empty the water tank and also when you leave the iron even for a short while:
    set the steam control to position 0, put the iron on its heel and remove the
    mains plug from the wall socket.
    - Always place and use the iron on a stable, level and horizontal surface.
    - Do not put perfume, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing aids or other chemi-
    cals in the water tank.
    - This appliance is intended for household use only.
    Electromagnetic elds (EMF)
    This Philips Walita appliance complies with all standards regarding electromagnetic
    elds (EMF). If handled properly and according to the instructions in this user manual,
    the appliance is safe to use based on scientic evidence available today.
    Before first use
    1 Remove any sticker, protective foil or plastic from the soleplate.
    2 Rinseanddrythellingcup.
    Preparing for use
    Filling the water tank
    1 Makesuretheapplianceisunplugged.
    2 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0(=nosteam)(Fig.2).
    3 Openthecapofthellingopening.
    4 Tilttheironbackwardsandusethellingcuptollthewatertankwithtap
    Do not ll the water tank beyond the MAX indication.
    cals in the water tank.
    , Ifthetapwaterinyourareaisveryhard,weadviseyoutomixitwithanequal
    5 Closethecapofthellingopening(‘click’)(Fig.4).
    Setting the temperature
    1 RI4444,RI4440only:Removetheheat-resistantprotectivecover(Fig.5).
    2 Puttheirononitsheel.
    3 Tosettherequiredironingtemperature,turnthetemperaturedialtotheap-
    Check the laundry care label for the required ironing temperature:
    - 1 for synthetic fabrics (e.g. acrylic, nylon, polyamide, polyester)
    - 1 for silk
    - 2 for wool
    - 3 for cotton
    - MAX for linen
    If you do not know what kind or kinds of fabric an article is made of, determine the
    right ironing temperature by ironing a part that will not be visible when you wear or
    use the article.
    Silk, woollen and synthetic materials: iron the reverse side of the fabric to prevent
    shiny patches. To prevent stains, do not use the spray function.
    Start ironing the articles that require the lowest ironing temperature, such as those
    made of synthetic bres.
    4 Putthemainspluginanearthedwallsocket.
    , Theambertemperaturelightgoeson.
    5 Whentheambertemperaturelighthasgoneout,waitawhilebeforeyoustart
    The temperature light goes on from time to time during ironing.
    Using the appliance
    Note: The iron may give off some smoke when you use it for the rst time. This stops after
    a short while.
    Steam ironing
    1 Makesurethatthereisenoughwaterinthewatertank.
    2 Settherequiredironingtemperature(seechapter‘Preparingforuse’,section
    3 Settheappropriatesteamsetting.Makesurethatthesteamsettingyouselect
    - 1 - 3 for moderate steam (temperature settings 2 to 3)
    - 4 - 6 for strong steam (temperature settings 3 to MAX)
    Note: The iron starts to produce steam as soon as it reaches the set temperature.
    Note: If the set ironing temperature is too low (MIN to 2), water may drip from the
    soleplate (see chapter ‘Features, section ‘Drip stop’).
    Ironing with Ionic DeepSteam (RI4444, RI4440, RI4430 only)
    When you use the Ionic DeepSteam function during steam ironing, the steam
    produced is ner than during regular steam ironing. Fine steam reaches deeper,
    especially into thick fabrics. This helps you to remove stubborn creases easily.
    1 Followsteps1to3insection‘Steamironing’.
    2 PressandholdtheIonicDeepSteambutton(Fig.8).
    , TheIonicDeepSteamlightgoesonandyouhearahummingsound.(Fig.9)
    3 TheironnowproducesIonicDeepSteamtohelpyouremoveeventhetough-
    est creases.
    Note: The Ionic DeepSteam function is only effective when it is used in combination with
    a steam setting and a temperature setting between 2 and MAX.
    Note: Do not use the Ionic DeepSteam function when you iron without steam and/or at
    low temperature settings. However, ironing at low temperatures without steam with the
    Ionic DeepSteam function switched on will not damage the iron.
    Note: The Ionic DeepSteam output may vary from time to time, depending on the ironing
    Ironing without steam
    1 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0(=nosteam)(Fig.2).
    2 Settherequiredironingtemperature(seechapter‘Preparingforuse’,section
    After ironing
    1 Removethemainsplugfromthewallsocket.
    2 Ifyouhavebeensteamironing,emptythewatertank.
    3 Let the iron cool down in a safe place.
    Spray function
    You can use the spray function at any temperature to moisten the article to be
    ironed. This helps remove stubborn creases.
    1 Makesurethatthereisenoughwaterinthewatertank.
    2 Pressthespraybuttonseveraltimestomoistenthearticletobe
    Steam boost function
    A steam boost from the special Steam Tip soleplate helps remove stubborn creases.
    The steam boost enhances the distribution of steam into every part of your garment.
    The steam boost function can only be used at temperature settings between 3
    and MAX.
    1 Pressandreleasethesteamboostbutton(Fig.11).
    Vertical steam boost
    1 Youcanalsousethesteamboostfunctionwhenyouholdtheironinvertical
    This is useful for removing creases from hanging clothes, curtains etc.
    Never direct the steam at people.
    Drip stop
    This iron is equipped with a drip-stop function: the iron automatically stops produc-
    ing steam when the temperature is too low, to prevent water from dripping out of
    the soleplate. When this happens, you may hear a sound.
    Automatic shut-off function (RI4444, RI4440, RI4430, RI4425, RI4422,
    RI4420, RI4412 only)
    The automatic shut-off function automatically switches off the iron if it has not been
    moved for a while.
    , TheredAUTO/OFFindicationofthetemperaturelightashestoindicate
    To let the iron heat up again:
    1 Pickuptheironormoveitslightly.
    , TheredAUTO/OFFindicationgoesout.
    , Ifthetemperatureofthesoleplatehasdroppedbelowthesetironingtem-
    2 Iftheambertemperaturelightgoesonafteryouhavemovedtheiron,wait
    Note: If the amber temperature light does not go on after you move the iron, the sole-
    plate still has the right temperature and the iron is ready for use.
    Delicate fabric protector (RI4425, RI4415 only)
    The delicate fabric protector protects delicate fabrics from heat damage and shiny
    With the delicate fabric protector you can iron delicate fabrics (silk, wool and nylon)
    at temperature settings 3 to MAX in combination with all steam functions avail-
    able on the iron.
    The delicate fabric protector reduces the soleplate temperature instantly, thus allow-
    ing you to iron delicate fabrics safely.
    If you do not know what kind or kinds of fabric an article is made of, determine the
    right ironing temperature by ironing a part that is not visible when you wear or use
    the article.
    1 Puttheirononthedelicatefabricprotector(‘click’)(Fig.13).
    Cleaning and maintenance
    1 Wipeakesandanyotherdepositsoffthesoleplatewithadampclothanda
    2 Cleantheupperpartoftheironwithadampcloth.
    3 Regularlyrinsethewatertankwithwater.Emptythewatertankafteryou
    have rinsed it.
    Double-Active Calc System
    The Double-Active Calc System consists of an Anti-Calc tablet inside the water tank
    combined with the Calc-Clean function.
    1 The Anti-Calc tablet prevents scale from clogging the steam vents. This tablet is
    constantly active and does not need to be replaced.
    2 The Calc-Clean function removes the scale particles from the iron.
    Using the Calc-Clean function
    Use the Calc-Clean function once every two weeks. If the water in your area is very
    hard (i.e. when akes come out of the soleplate during ironing), use the Calc-Clean
    function more frequently.
    1 Makesuretheapplianceisunplugged.
    2 Set the steam control to position 0.
    3 Fillthewatertanktothemaximumlevel.
    4 SetthetemperaturedialtoMAX(Fig.14).
    5 Putthepluginanearthedwallsocket.
    6 Unplugtheironwhenthetemperaturelightgoesout.
    7 Holdtheironoverthesink,pressandholdtheCalc-Cleanbuttonandgently
    , Steamandboilingwatercomeoutofthesoleplate.Impuritiesandakes(if
    8 ReleasetheCalc-Cleanbuttonassoonasallthewaterinthetankhasbeen
    Repeat the Calc-Clean process if the iron still contains a lot of impurities.
    After the Calc-Clean process
    1 Puttheplugbackintothewallsocketandlettheironheatuptoletthe
    soleplate dry.
    2 Unplugtheironwhenithasreachedthesetironingtemperature.
    3 Movethehotirongentlyoverapieceofusedclothtoremoveanywater
    stains that may have formed on the soleplate.
    4 Lettheironcooldownbeforeyoustoreit.
    1 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0andunplugtheiron.
    2 Emptythewatertank(Fig.16).
    3 Let the iron cool down in a safe place.
    4 Windthemainscordandxitwiththecordbinder.(Fig.17)
    5 Storetheirononitsheelonastablesurface.

    RI4444, RI4440, RI4430, RI4425, RI4422, RI4420,

    RI4415, RI4412, RI4411, RI4410

    Heat-resistant protective cover (RI4444, RI4440 only)
    You can store the iron on the heat-resistant protective cover immediately after iron-
    ing. It is not necessary to let the iron cool down rst.
    1 Puttheironontheheat-resistantprotectivecover(Fig.18).
    2 Insert the tip of the soleplate into the heat-resistant protective cover (1) and
    then press down the heel of the iron (2).
    - Do not throw away the appliance with the normal household waste at the end
    of its life, but hand it in at an ofcial collection point for recycling. By doing this,
    you help to preserve the environment (Fig. 19).
    Guarantee & service
    If you need information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips Walita website at or contact the Philips Walita Customer Care Centre in your country
    (yound its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaet). If there is no Customer
    Care Centre in your country, go to your local Philips Walita dealer or contact the Service
    Department of Philips Walita Domestic Appliances and Personal Care BV.
    If the appliance does not work or does not work properly, rst check the list below. If
    the problem is not mentioned in this list, the appliance probably has a defect. In that
    case we advise you to take the appliance to your dealer or to an authorised Philips
    Walita service centre.
    Problem Possiblecause Solution
    The iron is
    plugged in, but the
    soleplate is cold.
    There is a connection
    Check the mains cord, the plug and
    the wall socket.
    The temperature dial
    is set to MIN.
    Set the temperature dial to the
    required position.
    The iron does
    not produce any
    There is not enough
    water in the water
    Fill the water tank (see chapter
    ‘Preparing for use’, section ‘Filling the
    water tank’).
    The steam control is
    set to position 0.
    Set the steam control to a position
    between 1 and 6 (see chapter
    ‘Using the appliance’, section ‘Steam
    The iron is not hot
    enough and/or the
    drip-stop function has
    been activated.
    Set an ironing temperature that is
    suitable for steam ironing (
    2 to
    MAX). Put the iron on its heel and
    wait until the temperature light has
    gone out before you start ironing.
    The iron does not
    produce a steam
    You have used the
    steam boost function
    too often within a
    very short period.
    Continue ironing in horizontal posi-
    tion and wait a while before you use
    the steam boost function again.
    The iron is not hot
    Set an ironing temperature at which
    the steam boost function can be
    used (
    3 to MAX). Put the iron
    on its heel and wait until the tem-
    perature light has gone out before
    you use the steam boost function.
    Water droplets
    drip onto the fab-
    ric during ironing.
    You have not closed
    the cap of the lling
    opening properly.
    Press the cap until you hear a click.
    You have put an addi-
    tive in the water tank.
    Rinse the water tank and do not put
    any additive in the water tank.
    The set temperature
    is too low for steam
    Set a temperature of or
    2 higher.
    You have used the
    steam boost function
    at a temperature set-
    ting below
    Set the temperature dial to a setting
    between 3 and MAX.
    Water drips from
    the soleplate
    after the iron has
    cooled down or
    has been stored.
    You have put the iron
    in horizontal position
    with water still left in
    the water tank.
    Empty the water tank.
    Flakes and impuri-
    ties come out
    of the soleplate
    during ironing.
    Hard water forms
    akes inside the
    Use the Calc-Clean function one or
    more times (see chapter ‘Cleaning
    and maintenance’, section ‘Using the
    Calc-Clean function’).
    The red light
    ashes (RI4444,
    RI4440, RI4430,
    RI4425, RI4422,
    RI4420, RI4412
    The automatic
    shut-off function
    has switched off the
    iron (see chapter
    ‘Features’, section
    ‘Automatic shut-off
    Move the iron slightly to deactivate
    the automatic shut-off function. The
    red AUTO/OFF light goes out.
    The iron makes a
    humming sound.
    The Ionic DeepSteam
    function is on.
    If you hear the humming sound
    when you iron without steam, stop
    pressing the Ionic DeepSteam but-
    ton. The Ionic DeepSteam function
    has no effect when you iron without
    2 3 4 5
    7 8 9
    10 11 12 13
    14 15 16 17
    18 19
Philips Walita RI4415

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Philips Walita RI4415 specificaties

Merk Philips
Model Walita RI4415
Product Strijkijzer
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF
Soort Stoomstrijkijzer
Variabele stoom -
Snoerlengte - m
Steam boost performance 100 g/min
Zoolplaat materiaal/coating SteamGlide-zoolplaat
Kleur van het product Purple,White
Capaciteit watertank 0.35 l
Sproeifunctie Ja
Verticale stoomfunctie Ja
Anti-kalkaanslag Ja
Anti-druppelfunctie Ja
Automatisch antikalksysteem -
Continu stoom uitvoering 40 g/min
Draaihoek 360 °
Stoomstoot functie Ja
Vermogen 2400 W
AC invoer voltage 220-240 V
AC invoer frequentie 50 - 60 Hz
Niet draaiende kabel Ja
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 303 mm
Diepte 120 mm
Hoogte 152 mm
Gewicht 1700 g

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