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  • SVC2235/10
    2 From the center of the disc,
    wipe in a straight line to the
    outer edge until the entire
    disc surface is clean.
    3 When the CD/DVD is dry, replace
    it in the original box.
    Laser lens cleaner instructions
    1 Insert the CD/DVD lens cleaner
    into the CD/DVD drive.
    2 Start the CD/DVD player and
    follow the voice instructions.
    3 Select track 15.
    The CD/DVD lens cleaning »
    is in progress.
    After cleaning, the CD/DVD lens cleaner stops
    automatically. If it does not stop, press the stop button.
    4 Whenyounish,removethediscandstoreitinto
    the case with the brush facing downwards.
    It is recommended to use your CD/DVD lens cleaner
    after every 10 hours of play or every 3-4 weeks.
    If the disc does not spin when drive is activated, rotate
    the CD/DVD lens cleaner several degrees and try again.
    Do not use cleaning solution with laser lens cleaner.
    Not to be used with any gaming consoles.
    Instructions for use
    Safety information for cleaning uid
    Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse •
    thoroughly with water.
    HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED: Drink plenty of water.
    Contact physician immediately.
    Avoid prolonged or frequent contact with skin or
    clothing - wash with soap and water.
    Avoid breathing vapors.
    Keep out of reach from Children.•
    Contains: Isopropyl alcohol.•
    Never use glass or other household cleaners.
    Radial CD/DVD cleaning instructions
    1 Place the CD/DVD into the tray of the rotary CD/
    DVD cleaner with the label side facing downwards.
    2 Spray a small amount of cleaning
    10-15cm from the CD/DVD.
    3 Close the lid and rotate the knob
    for 5-10 times.
    4 Open the lid and remove carefully
    the cleaned CD/DVD.
    5 When the CD/DVD is dry, replace
    it in the original box.
    Manual cleaning instructions
    1 Hold the spray bottle 10-15cm from
    the CD/DVD. Handle the CD/DVD
    by the edges only. Then wet the
    CD/DVD evenly with 2 pumps.
    5-10 x
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Merk Philips
Model SVC2235
Product Schoonmaakmiddel
EAN 8712581564643
Taal Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans, Italiaans, Zweeds, Portugees, Pools, Russisch, Turks, Grieks, Hongaars
Bestandstype PDF
Pakketgewicht 0.364kg
Hoogte verpakking 222.3mm
Nettogewicht verpakking 0.2331kg
Verpakking tarragewicht 0.1309kg
Breedte verpakking 184mm
Diepte verpakking 65.5mm
Aantal inbegrepen producten 4
Ondersteunde mediatypen DC, DVD
Inhoud van de verpakking
Technische details
Pakketgewicht 0.364kg
Nettogewicht verpakking 0.2331kg
Verpakking tarragewicht 0.1309kg
Aantal inbegrepen producten 4
Gewicht en omvang
Hoogte verpakking 222.3mm
Breedte verpakking 184mm
Diepte verpakking 65.5mm

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