Philips PerformerPro CP9277

Philips PerformerPro CP9277 handleiding

  • Caution
    - Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial
    cleaning agents or chemical solvents.
    - Do not place parts directly on surfaces
    that have been cleaned with anti-
    bacterial cleaners.
    - Food coloring can discolor parts.
    - After each use, disassemble all parts and
    clean them thoroughly in warm water and
    some washing-up liquid. You can also clean
    all parts on the top rack of the dishwasher.
    - If necessary, clean the straw with a straw
    cleaning brush.
    - Do not store the straw cup in drying/
    sterilizing cabinets with heating elements.
    - Cups are suitable for all sterilization
    - For hygiene and maintenance,
    disassemble the straw cup completely
    (g. 1) and store it in a dry and covered
    - Keep the straw cup away from heat
    sources and direct sunlight.
    - To drink from the straw cup, open the lid
    by ipping the cap to the back.
    - The straw cup is intended for use with
    milk and water. Do not use it with any
    other liquids, such as fruit juices, avored
    sugary drinks, carbonated beverages,
    soup or broth.
    - The straw cup is not microwaveable.
    - Do not over tighten the lid on the straw cup.
    - Do not use the straw cup to mix and shake
    infant formula as this can clog
    - the vent hole and cause the cup to leak.
    - Make sure that the straw parts are
    properly assembled.
    - To prevent scalding, allow hot liquids to
    cool before you ll the cup.
    - For safety and hygiene reasons, replace
    straws after 3 months of use. Use only
    Philips Avent straws.
    - Do not interchange the straw cup parts
    with a glass bottle.
    Cleaning and sterilization
    Before rst use
    - To sterilize the straw cup boil all parts for
    5 minutes.This is to ensure hygiene.
    For your child‘s safety and health
    - Always use this product with adult
    - Continuous and prolonged sucking of
    uids will cause tooth decay.
    - Always check food temperature before
    - Check the cup before each use. If any
    damage or crack is detected, stop using
    the cup immediately.
    - Before the rst use, disassemble all parts
    and clean them thoroughly.
    - Prevent your child from running or
    walking while drinking.
    - Keep all components not in use out of
    the reach of children.
    - Do not heat up a cup lled with any liquid
    or food in the microwave.
    - Close the screw top tightly by turning it
    clockwise. Otherwise, it may come o
    during use.
    To disassemble/Desmontar/Démonter
    To assemble/Montar/Assembler
    Tip 1: Mix and match Philips Avent bottle and
    cup parts and create the product that works
    for you, when you need it. All Philips Avent
    bottles and cups are compatible excluding the
    Natural glass bottles SCF67x and The Big Kid
    cup/Grown up cup SCF78x (Fig. 2).
    Tip 2: The replaceable straws are sold
    Para la salud y seguridad de su bebé
    - Utilice siempre este producto bajo la
    supervisión de un adulto.
    - La succión continua y prolongada de
    líquidos produce caries.
    - Compruebe siempre la temperatura de
    los alimentos antes de la toma.
    - Compruebe el vaso antes de cada uso.
    Si detecta cualquier daño o grieta, deje
    de utilizar el vaso inmediatamente.
    - Antes del primer uso, desmonte todas las
    piezas y límpielas bien.
    SCF790 / SCF792
    Philips Consumer Lifestyle BV
    Tussendiepen 4, 9206 AD Drachten,
    Netherlands / Pays-Bas
    Trademarks owned by
    the Philips Group /
    Les marques de commerce
    sont la propriété de
    © 2016 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
    All rights reserved /
    Tous droits réservés
    >75% recycled paper
    >75% papier recyclé
Philips PerformerPro CP9277

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Philips PerformerPro CP9277 specificaties

Merk Philips
Model PerformerPro CP9277
Product Niet gecategoriseerd
EAN 8710103693857
Taal Engels, Frans, Spaans
Bestandstype PDF
Producttype Flexibele slang
Kleur van het product Zwart
Compatibiliteit PerformerPro FC9180 - FC9189, FC9190 -
FC9199, PerformerExpert ECO FC8720 - FC8728
Geschikt voor type stofzuiger Universeel
Merkcompatibiliteit Philips
Inhoud van de verpakking
Aantal per verpakking 1

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