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Philips HP6328
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    Body Select


    rechargeable razor






    When using an electric appliance, basic precautions
    should always be followed, including the following.
    Read these instructions for use carefully
    before using the appliance and save them for
    future reference.


    To reduce the risk of electric shock:
    Never use an extension cord with this
    appliance.Always plug the charging base
    directly into the outlet.
    Do not plug in the charging base while bathing
    or taking a shower.
    Do not place or store the charging base where
    it can fall or be pulled into a bathtub or sink.
    Do not place or drop the charging base in
    water or any other liquid.
    Always unplug the appliance immediately after
    use, except when you are charging the
    Unplug the appliance from the charging base
    before cleaning.
    When discarding the appliance, remove it from
    the charging base and make sure the appliance
    is in the Off ("O") position.Then remove the
    rechargeable battery.


    To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric
    shock, or injury to persons:
    Close supervision is necessary when this
    product is used by, on, or near children or
    This appliance is intended for household use
    only, as described in this manual.
    Only use attachments that are recommended
    by Philips Electronics North America
    Never use the appliance/charging base if the
    plug is damaged, if the appliance/charging base
    is not working properly, if the appliance/charging
    base has been dropped and appears to be
    damaged, or if the appliance/charging base has
    been dropped into water.Always return the
    appliance/charging base to an authorized
    Norelco Service Location for examination and
    Never drop or insert any objects into any
    opening of the appliance.
    Do not charge or operate the appliance
    outdoors, in places where aerosol (spray)
    products are being used or where oxygen is
    being administered.
    Always check the foil before using the
    appliance. Do not use the appliance if the
    foil of the trimmer is damaged, as injury
    may occur.
    Never store the appliance in direct sunlight in
    the pouch or at temperatures above 140ºF.
    The appliance is water-resistant and can be
    used in the bathtub or shower. Do not
    submerge the appliance in water for an
    extended period of time.




    This appliance contains a RECHARGEABLE NICKEL-
    CADMIUM BATTERY. See Battery Removal
    Instruction Sheet.
    Like many new products, your Norelco Ladyshave
    Razor may take a little getting used to. If you are
    using a rechargeable Razor for the first time, or if
    you've been using a different brand, your skin may
    need time to adapt to the Body Select Shaving
    System. Give yourself a little time to practice and
    determine the best stroking motions for the best
    Use it exclusively for 3 weeks, or a bit longer
    for sensitive skin. If you alternate shaving or
    other hair removal methods during this
    adjustment period, it may become more
    difficult to adapt to the Norelco shaving
    Since your Ladyshave Razor features the Body Select
    Shaving System, you'll be able to customize hair
    removal for the area you are shaving. However, at
    first you may not get as close a shave as you expect,
    or your skin may become slightly irritated.This is
    normal as your skin adjusts. After this adjustment
    period, you'll find that you can remove hair without
    irritating your skin, for a close, smooth shave.
    The Norelco Ladyshave Razor, with Body Select
    Shaving System.....the choice for close, smooth
    shaving results. If you're not convinced after 21 days,
    Norelco will refund you the full purchase price,
    This appliance is intended for household use only, as
    described in this manual.
    Before using, check foil for wear or damage. If the
    60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    If you are not fully satisfied with your Norelco Ladyshave
    Razor, Norelco will refund you the full purchase price. The
    razor must be shipped prepaid by insured mail, insur-
    ance prepaid, have the sales slip indicating purchase
    price and date of purchase enclosed. The razor must be
    postmarked no later than 60 da
    ys after the date of purchase.
    Norelco reserves the right to verify the purchase price of
    the razor and limit refunds not to exceed suggested retail
    Send dated sales receipt, your complete name and address as
    indicated below, and the razor, prepaid to:
    Norelco Consumer Products Company
    A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
    450 North Medinah Road, Dock 16
    Roselle, IL 60172-2329
    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of check. (Please Print)
    Day timeTelephone No.(______)_______________________________
    E-mail Address________________________________________________
Philips HP6328

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Philips HP6328 specificaties

Merk Philips
Model HP6328
Product Scheerapparat
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF
Gewicht en omvang
Gewicht 2020 g
Afmetingen A-doos 42.5 x 30 x 18.5 cm
Aantal stuks per A-doos 4 stuk(s)
Gewicht 138 g
Breedte verpakking 160 mm
Diepte verpakking 90 mm
Hoogte verpakking 245 mm
Gewicht verpakking 390 g
Technische details
Aantal tanden van het mes 37
Druk bladsysteem (N) 2.5 N
Druk trimmer (N) 1 N
Rotatiesnelheid 7500 RPM
Precisietrimmer Ja
Ijs epileren Nee
Gezichts trimmer Nee
Aantal tanden van de beschermer 43
Aantal lamellen 27
Motor Permanent 1.2 V
Trimmer Nee
Uitwisselbare scheer koppen Scheren
Aantal scheerbladen -
Aantal scheerkoppen 1 hoofd(en)
Nat en droog Ja
Connectiviteitstechnologie Draadloos
Kleur van het product Blauw
Materiaal behuizing Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene (SEBS),Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS),Polypropylene (PP)
Oplaadbaar Ja
Motorspanning 1.2 V
Ingangsspanning 100-120 V
Gebruikstijd 20 min
Inhoud van de verpakking
Bikini trim bevestiging Ja