Panasonic NV-MV16S

Panasonic NV-MV16S handleiding

  • NV-HV61 Series (Hi-Fi)
    NV-HV51 Series (Hi-Fi)
    NV-MV21 Series (Mono)
    NV-MV16 Series (Mono)
    NV-SV121 Series (S-VHS, Hi-Fi)
    Operating Instructions
    3D DNR
    Super VHS
    Video Cassette Recorder
    Contents Page
    Included Accessories 2
    Inserting Batteries
    Safety Precautions 3
    Front Panel VCR 4
    Rear Panel VCR 5
    Remote control functions 6- 7
    Connecting with a 21-pin Scart cable 8
    VCR Auto Setup with 21-pin Scart cable
    Connecting with S-VIDEO cable 9
    VCR Auto Setup with S-VIDEO cable
    Connecting with RF Coaxial cable 10
    VCR Auto Setup with RF Coaxial cable
    Channel tuning / Correcting interferences 11
    Setting Time and Date
    External Devices
    Connecting a Set Top Box, satellite receiver, 12
    decoder or a second recorder
    Connecting an amplifier, 13
    Menu 14
    Manual Setup
    Creating a new station table 15
    Changing the name and order of TV stations 16
    Creating a new station table 17
    Shipping condition/factory defaults
    Menu Others 18-19
    Recording 20
    Timer recording 21-22
    Recording with INTELLIGENT TIMER 23
    Recording with ShowView 24
    Recording with external recording controls 25
    Playback 26
    General convenient functions 27-28
    NICAM sound system, NTSC playback 29
    Before requesting service 30
    Specifications 31
    Index last page
    Connecting to the AV3 input
    Before connecting the device, operating it or adjusting settings please read these operating
    instructions completely; especially the safety precautions on pages 2-3.
Panasonic NV-MV16S

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