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Export Model Series: evolution 140LX, 220LX, 270LX

How to Use Your Dehumidifier
Choosing a Location:
1. Use the dehumidifier in any enclosed room or area such as a
workshop, basement, or living area where you want moisture
removed. For best results, keep all doors and windows
2. Good airflow is essential for dehumidifying. Make sure there
is at least 15 cm of space between the rear of the
dehumidifier and any wall or other obstruction such as
furniture or appliances.
3. The dehumidifier should be in an upright position and on a
level surface.
4. The dehumidifier has four casters for ease of movement.
5. These dehumidifiers are built for free-standing use only and
are not designed to be built in.
Operating your dehumidifier:
1. Check the available power supply against the dehumidifier
data plate to assure correct electrical service. Plug power
cord into grounded wall outlet.
2. The Humidistat Knob should be securely fitted to the
exposed stem on the front Grille. The Knob is packed in a
bag stapled around the power cord in the receptor bucket. All
models are equipped with an automatic humidstat control
that will switch the dehumidifier on and off to maintain the
chosen humidity level. When you operate the dehumidifier
for the first time in a particular area, set the humidistat dial
on mid-point. Allow the dehumidifier to operate at this setting
for two or three days.
3. Models140lX, 220LX, 270LX are equipped with an automatic
system to defrost the evaporator coils. This condition usually
happens during the fall, winter or spring months when both
the room temperature is below 18°C and the amount of
moisture is below 60%. When the frost builds up on the coils,
a control shuts off the compressor but allows the fan to
continue to run. After the coil has been defrosted, the control
turns the compressor on for normal operation.
Disposal of water:
All models are equipped with a 9-1/2 litre capacity water receptor
and an automatic shut-off system to prevent overflow when the
receptor gets full. When the water in the receptor rises to a certain
level, a float switch shuts off the system and turns on the red light
on the front panel. The receptor should then be removed and
emptied. You will notice that when the receptor is removed, the
system will again begin operating, unless the control dial has
been turned to the "OFF" position.
To empty the receptor, turn the control dial to the "OFF" position.
Take hold of the receptor with both hands and carefully slide it out.
Empty the water and replace the receptor in the dehumidifier.
Turn the control dial to your desired setting.
Use of the fitting on the drip tray - When you remove the water
receptor, you will notice that there is a threaded fitting on the
bottom of the drip tray. This is made for the attachment of a
standard garden hose that can continuously drain the water from
the drip tray into a floor drain. When you connect the hose fitting
to the drip tray, it should turn easily. Do not force the hose fitting
onto the drip tray as it could damage the threads. Make sure the
drain hose is below the level of the drip tray or it will not drain
properly. If you place the dehumidifier directly over a floor drain, a
short piece of hose is required to direct the water into the drain or
it will drip on the dehumidifier frame and splash out onto the floor.
Do not throw away the receptor. You may need it to dehumidify
an area that does not have a floor drain.
Service and maintenance:
For your protection, always disconnect the service cord from the
electrical outlet and remove the water receptor before starting
service and/or maintenance.
1. Cleaning the cabinet - Wipe the exterior with a soft, damp
cloth. Do not use solvents or cleaning agents. Dust may be
removed with the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.
2. Cleaning the air filter - Remove air filter from rear of unit by
pushing "arrow indicators" gently inwards, remove filter.
Brush lightly or wash in warm sudsy water.
3. Cleaning the water receptor - Wash in warm sudsy water.
Rinse and dry.
4. Storage - Thoroughly clean and dry the dehumidifier. Cover
and store in a clean, dry area.
5. Service hint - To save yourself unnecessary expense, make
the following checks before delivering your dehumidier to a
service centre.
A. Insufficient moisture removal - little or no water collection.
1. Poor air circulation - See "Choosing a location"
paragraph 2.
2. Room temperature and relative humidity See
"Operating your dehumidifier" paragraph 3.
B. Runs continuously.
1. Check humidistat control setting. Is it on "Max Dry"?
2. Are windows and doors closed?
3. Is area too large for the capacity of your unit?
C. Dehumidifier will not start.
1. Check control dial.
2. Check outlet. Plug a lamp or other appliance into outlet to
make certain power is available.
3. Check fuse or circuit breaker.
4. If using an extension cord, make sure it is good by
checking it with other appliances.
Replacement of the power cord should only be carried
out by properly trained and equipped personal, or return
the Dehumidifier to the dealer.
Electrical Information:
1. Available power supply must agree with that listed on the
dehumidifier data plate. If an extension cord is used at any
time, it should be suitably rated, taking account of the rating
as specified on the rear of the unit.
2. Never operate a dehumidifier in an environment where it is
likely that standing water will accumulate around the unit. If
this condition should occur, FOR YOUR SAFETY, UNPLUG
THE SERVICE CORD before stepping into the water
accumulated around the dehumidifier.
3. DO NOT operate the dehumidifier if it is in a damaged
4. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its service agent or a suitably qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.

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