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Emergency Services and Safety Precautions
Emergency Services
To make an emergency call in any country
Press 1 1 2
Ask the operator for the service which you require: Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Coastguard or
Mountain Rescue Services. Give your position and, if possible, remain stationary to maintain phone
The 112 emergency number service is available on every digital network service. The number 999 is
an alternative emergency number for the UK only, and can only be used with a valid SIM card.
O Due to the nature of the cellular system, the success of emergency calls cannot
be guaranteed.
General Care
A cellphone contains delicate electronic circuitry, magnets, and battery systems. You should treat it
with care and give particular attention to the following points.
Do not allow the phone or its accessories to come into contact with liquid or moisture at any time.
Do not place anything in the folded phone.
Do not expose your phone to extreme high or low temperatures.
Do not expose your phone to naked flame, cigars or cigarettes.
Do not paint your phone.
Do not drop or subject your phone to rough treatment.
Do not place the phone alongside computer disks, credit cards, travel cards and other magnetic
media. The information contained on disks or cards may be affected by the phone.
Do not leave the phone or the battery in places where the temperature could exceed 60; e.g. on a
car dashboard or on a window sill, behind glass in direct sunlight, etc.
Do not remove the phone’s battery while the phone is switched on.
Take care not to allow metal objects, such as coins or key rings, to contact or short-circuit the
battery terminals.
Do not dispose of battery packs in a fire. Your phone's Li-ion batteries may be safely disposed of
at Li-ion recycling points. For more specific battery and power supply information, see page 4.
Do not put your phone's battery in your mouth as battery electrolytes may be toxic if swallowed.
Do not attempt to dismantle the phone or any of its accessories.
This equipment is fitted with an internal battery that can only be replaced by a qualified service
engineer. There is a risk of explosion if the battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of the
used battery in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Using any battery pack, AC adapter, Vehicle power adapter (option) or Desktop charger (option) not
specified by the manufacturer for use with this phone creates a potential safety hazard.
The earpiece may become warm during normal use and the unit itself may become warm during
Use a damp or anti-static cloth to clean the phone. Do NOT use a dry cloth or electrostatically
charged cloth. Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaners as these could damage the case.
Remember to recycle: the cardboard packaging supplied with this phone is ideal for recycling.
Aircraft Safety
Switch off your phone and remove its battery when inside or near aircraft. The use of cellphones in
aircraft is illegal. It may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft and it may disrupt the cellular
network. Failure to observe this instruction may lead to suspension or denial of cellphone service
to the offender, or legal action, or both.
Do not use your phone on the ground without the permission of the ground crew.
General Safety
Observe ‘Turn off 2-way radio’ signs, such as those near stores of fuel, chemicals or explosives.
Do not allow children to play with the phone, charger or batteries.
Small parts are included in your phone. Keep them out of reach of small children, for whom it could
be a choking hazard.
The operation of some medical electronic devices, such as hearing aids and pacemakers, may be
affected if a cellphone is used next to them. Observe any warning signs and manufacturer's
If you have a weak heart, you should take extra precautions when setting functions such as the
Vibrator and Ring tone volume functions for incoming calls.
If you set the Vibrator setting to anything other than OFF, be careful that the phone is not near a
source of heat (e.g. a heater) and that it does not fall from a desk due to the vibration.
The user hereby agrees that the user shall be solely responsible for the result of the use of SSL.
Neither DoCoMo nor the certifier as listed herein makes any representation and warranty as for the
security in the use of SSL. In the event that the user shall sustain damage or loss due to the use of
SSL, neither DoCoMo nor the certifier shall be responsible for any such damage or loss.
Road Safety
You MUST exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times. Give full attention to driving.
Observe all the recommendations contained in your local traffic safety documentation.
Pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving conditions so require.
You MUST NOT stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway to answer or make a call, except in an
Switch off your phone at a refuelling point, such as a petrol station, even if you are not refuelling
your own car.
Do not store or carry flammable or explosive materials in the same compartment where a radio
transmitter, such as a cellphone, is placed.
Electronic vehicle systems, such as anti-lock brakes, speed control and fuel injection systems are
not normally affected by radio transmissions. The manufacturer of such equipment can advise if it
is adequately shielded from radio transmissions. If you suspect vehicle problems caused by radio
transmissions consult your dealer and do not switch on your phone until it has been checked by
qualified approved installers.

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