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Mophie Powerstation boost

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Built-in Connector
Soft-touch nish
Metal Band
micro USB cable port
LED Indicator
juice pack boost Made for Apple iPhone & iPod models User Manual
Product juice pack boost
Compatibility Made for Apple iPhone and iPod models
Box Contents juice pack boost, micro USB charging cable, Manual
Thank you for purchasing the mophie juice
pack™ boost. You will now be able to travel
great distances; be the master of your own
destiny, no longer bound by the limitations of
your internal battery. Let’s get juiced!
With a new innovative design, the juice pack
boost is a pocket-sized backup battery and a
convenient stand all in one!
Heres a rundown of why this juice pack is so
1. No dock connector cable required! The 30-
pin iPod/iPhone dock connector is built-in.
2. Smart battery technology automatically
turns power on when the boost is connected
to your device and turns o when
3. Uses breakthrough rechargeable lithium
polymer battery. (Much safer than those
troublesome Lithium-Ion batteries).
4. Track battery power status at a glance with
an integrated 4-light LED power indicator.
Indicates charging mode and current battery
life. Know before you go!
5. Rechargeable for over 500 cycles. (These are
FULL cycles. Partial cycles don’t count as full.
So, you can charge your juice pack 10% of the
way ten times before you get to a complete
cycle. Don’t be afraid to top it o.)
6. Built-in short circuit, over-charge and
temperature protection. Safety First!
mophie juice pack boost Manual © mophie 2011 / 2012
Though the juice pack boost uses a standard
Apple 30-pin dock connector,
this battery is intended solely for use with the
Apple iPhone and iPod models. Please do not
attempt to use the product with any other
device – things could go haywire, but contact
us if they do.
Charging your juice pack
The juice pack boost comes with a micro USB
cable for charging. Connect the juice pack to
your computer or any Works With iPhone”
wall-plug style power source with USB out,
including the standard iPhone USB adaptor.
(The LED power indicator will blink when
charging, as the juice pack becomes more
charged the LEDs will indicate how full it is, but
one LED will remain blinking until completely
Charging your device using the juice pack
Connect your device to the boost’s pivoting
dock connector and turn the juice pack into
a viewing stand. Make sure that the 30-pin
dock connector is securely connected to your
device. When charging, a battery symbol will
appear on the screen and you will hear a chirp
from the device.
Checking the status of the juice pack
You can check the amount of juice your boost
has by pressing the button on the side of the
device. There are 4 total LEDs. When the button
is pressed the LEDs will illuminate for several
seconds. Four LEDs means that the juice pack
is fully charged and one LED means that it’s
almost empty.
To keep your juice pack operating to its
fullest potential, make sure to
do the following:
1. Keep your juice pack dry and away from
moisture and corrosive materials.
2. Do not wash the juice pack with harsh
chemicals, soaps or detergents. Just wipe the
case with a soft, water-dampened cloth. Wipe
the pins gently with a soft, dry cloth.
3. Re-charge your juice pack once every three
months when not in use, and remember to
charge it for one hour before putting it away
the rst time.
At mophie, we are dedicated to making the
best quality products we can. To back this up,
your juice pack is warranted for 1 full year from
the date of purchase. Be sure to register your
product at to activate it and check
for the latest product updates as they develop.
Customer Service
Telephone: 888.8mophie
Web Contact:
Service Hours: 9am to 6pm M-F ET

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