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    Markbass oers an international limited warranty on Markbass products purchased from any
    authorized Markbass dealer, eective from the day of purchase. The terms of this warranty
    vary from country to country; please contact the Markbass distributor in your country for
    Please register this product online at to establish the date of purchase.
    However, please note that you are required to retain a copy of your receipt as proof of
    purchase in order to receive warranty service.
    This warranty does not apply to any damage to the product caused by misuse, mishandling,
    accident, abuse, alteration, modication or unauthorized repairs. Product appearance and
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    Markbass assumes no liability for any incidental or consequential damages, which may result
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    This product is guaranteed by the warranty provided in the country of purchase, under the
    following conditions:
    A - The Markbass warranty is only applicable if this document been properly completed (here
    or online) and if the original invoice/bill of sale, mentioning model, serial number and
    purchase date, is presented together with this document.
    B - The obligations of Markbass are limited to the repair of defects. Warranty repair eligibility
    will be decided at the sole discretion of Markbass or its representatives. Freight, freight
    insurance costs, and any other costs related to the repair of this product are not covered by
    this warranty.
    C - All warranty repairs must be made by Markbass or an authorized Markbass (PARSEK)
    service center.
    D - This warranty does not apply in the following instances:
    if the damage was caused by accident, negligence or modications; use of non Markbass
    spare parts; or improper use, installation or packing;
    • if the serial number on the equipment is illegible;
    if the damage was caused by lightning, water, re, incorrect main voltage, insufficient
    ventilation or any other cause beyond the control of Markbass.
    E - Markbass reserves the right to redesign or improve/modify its product at any time without
    any obligation to modify previously manufactured products.
    Parsek srl. - Italy - 66020 San Giovanni Teatino (Ch) - Via Po, 52/A Tel. +39 085 446 37 55 - Fax
    +39 085 440 77 64 - -
    BOOST - To set up the Level Boost, plug your instrument into the Input Jack (5), and
    connect the Output Jack (6) to your amplier, after connecting a +9/+12VDC power
    supply to the DC IN to the DC IN (7). Turn the boost on using the footswitch (3), making
    sure the LED (4) is ON (this indicates that the eect is active). Next, adjust the Boost
    Level slider while toggling the footswitch (3) on and o, comparing the volume of the
    direct signal with the boosted signal. Match the gain level as closely as you can to the
    direct signal, then adjust the Level Boost slider to the desired amount of added boost
    or cut. A suggested use of the boost is to leave it turned o until its time to solo, then
    switch it on (3) for a quick level boost when you begin your solo. You can easily apply
    this to ANY situation where you need two dierent, quickly accessible playing volumes.
    VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) - This lter boosts lows and highs, and cuts mids.
    Some call this kind of eect a scoop, a smiley-shape EQ, or an enhance knob. Its very
    eective for slap bass, pick playing, and driving eighth-note rock. It’s o when it is all
    the way counterclockwise—we suggest you start in that position and turn the lter up
    gradually, to hear and understand what it does.
    INPUT IMPEDANCE: 1 Mohm / 6 Vpp
    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 470 ohm / 6 Vpp
    BOOST: 0 to +20dB (maximum gain)
    DIMENSIONS: 48.4 x 38.2 x 104.2 mm
    1.91” x 1.5” x 4.1”
    WEIGHT: 174 g
    0.38 lbs
    Level VPF
Markbass MB Mini Boost

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Markbass MB Mini Boost specificaties

Merk Markbass
Model MB Mini Boost
Product Niet gecategoriseerd
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF
Producttype Effectpedaal
Kleur van het product Black, Yellow
Producttype Effectpedaal
Kleur van het product Black, Yellow
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 48.4mm
Diepte 38.2mm
Hoogte 105.2mm
Gewicht 230g
Breedte 48.4mm
Diepte 38.2mm
Hoogte 105.2mm
Gewicht 230g

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