Maglite ML300LX handleiding

Maglite ML300LX

Bekijk hier de Maglite ML300LX handleiding. Het bekijken en downloaden van deze Zaklamp handleiding is geheel gratis.

OPERATION: Large end of battery spring must be snapped into tailcap. Always install batteries with
the “+” end facing the head end of the flashlight and the “-” end facing the tailcap end of the flashlight.
witch - Push button switch. Flood to Spot - Rotate head of flashlight to adjust from a wide flood
beam to an intense spotlight.
Your Flashlight’s Function Sets and the Functions Within Each Set
As the chart below shows, your MAGLITE® LED 3rd GEN flashlight is capable of five different
functions Full Power, Low Power, Strobe (flashes 12 times per second), Eco and Momentary
On/Off (stays on only while the switch button is held down). Not all of these functions are equally
important to every user. That is why these functions are organized into four different function sets
so that you can personalize your flashlight to suit your needs, configuring it for quickest access to
the functions that best match your preference.
How To Choose A Function Within a Set
The available function sets, and the functions within each one, are shown in the following table:
As it comes out of the package, your MAGLITE® LED 3rd GEN flashlight is set to the “Standard”
function set (Function Set #1 in the chart). If you require only those three functions (Full Power,
Low Power and Eco), then you never have to change it. You can select a function within that set
by the “Quick Click” method: Turn the flashlight on with one Quick Click and it is on at Full Power.
Turn it off, then turn it on with two Quick Clicks (about as fast as you would say “Click Click”) and it
turns on at – the Low Power function. Turn it off, then turn it on with three Quick Clicks (about as
fast as you would say “Click Click Click”) and you have the Eco function.
Selecting a function within any of the other function sets works the same way with one, two or
three Quick Clicks, as the chart shows. For example, if you are in Function Set #2 and you want to
select the Strobe function, begin with the flashlight off, apply three Quick Clicks, and your flashlight
will strobe.
How To Go From One Function Set To Another
Your MAGLITE® LED 3rd GEN flashlight’s “standardsetting is Function Set #1. If you want to
keep that setting you don’t have to do anything. Function Set #1 will always be in effect unless it is
changed. If you want to choose a different function set, follow these steps:
1. Unscrew the tail cap (you may not have to remove it all the way;
you only need to back it out of the barrel enough that the flashlight
will not turn on).
2. Pause for 2 seconds.
3. Press the switch button and keep holding it down.
4. While still holding down the switch button, screw the tail cap
back in until it is tight.
5. Keep holding down the switch button. Within about 4 seconds
the flashlight will start to blink.
6. The number of blinks indicates the new selected Function Set.
7. To choose a new Function Set, release the switch button after the corresponding number of blinks
(releasing after 1 blink chooses Function Set #1; releasing after 2 blinks chooses Function Set #2;
release after 3 blinks for Function Set #3, and release after 4 blinks to choose Function Set #4.)
Your choice of a Function Set remains in effect until you change it by repeating the above process.
(See our Demo video at
Function Set
3rd Gen LED
Full Power
Low Power
Full Power
Low Power
Full Power
Full Power

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Product specificaties

Type zaklamp Zaklamp
Waterdicht yes
Kleur van het product Zwart
Materiaal behuizing -
Soort bediening Knoppen
Aan/uitschakelaar yes
Internationale veiligheidscode (IP) IPX4
Certificering National Tactical Officers Association
Geschikt voor gebruik binnen yes
Geschikt voor buitengebruik yes
Schokbestendig yes
Schokbestendig tot 1 m
Manuele focus yes
Soort lamp LED
Aantal lampen 1
Lichtstroom   625 lm
Lichtbundelafstand (max) 406 m
Lichtopbrengst (min) 58 lm
Knipperlichtstanden Eco, Low, Strobe mode
Aantal vermogenniveau's 3
Lichtintensiteit   41200 cd
Ondersteund aantal accu's/batterijen 3
Type accu/batterij   D
Energie-opslagtechnologie accu/batterij   Alkaline
Levensduur batterij 77
Levensduur accu/batterij   117
Levensduur batterij (in boost-modus) 16
Inhoud van de verpakking
Batterijen meegeleverd no
Type verpakking Blister
Aantal per verpakking 1
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 38.1 mm
Hoogte   38.1 mm
Diameter hoofd 57 mm
Gewicht   748.42 g
Diepte 298.45 mm