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Instruction for use

Thank you for choosing this versatile and high quality LISS Professional CreamWhipper. With this universal
kitchen tool you can create a multitude of light desserts, cremes and sweet and sour mousses as well as
Before using the LISS Professional CreamWhipper, please read the fol-
lowing instructions carefully.
Instructions for use:
1. When using your whipper for the first time, or if you have not used it for a
while, rinse the bottle first with warm, then with cold water before filling it
with cream.
2. Fill in well-chilled fresh cream or other ingredients depending on the recipe.
Do not fill the LISS Professional Cream Whipper with more than the permis-
sible quantity indicated on the bottle (half pint/0.25 liter; pint/0.5 liter or quart/1
liter, depending on the model). When preparing recipes, please dissolve
solids first in order to avoid clogging the valve.
3. Place the gasket inside the head (fig.1) and screw head on to bottle even-
ly and firmly. The head is in place correctly when no thread is visible. Do not
4. Insert LISS Professional cream charger (N
O) into the charger holder. For
guaranteed quality use LISS Professional cream chargers.
5. Screw the charger holder on to the inlet valve (fig. 2) until the charger content is released with a hissing sound. Use
1 charger for each filling (2 chargers with 1 quart/litre bottle). Shake
whipper by holding the bottle briskly four to five times (Fig. 3) in a vertical
direction. When using well cooled light cream or other mixtures, shake up to
ten times. Unscrew the charger holder and charger. The light hissing sound
while unscrewing is normal. Remove and discard empty steel chargers which
are recyclable as scrap metal.
6. To dispense, hold whipper vertically (decorating nozzle pointing downwards)
about 1 cm above the surface. To decorate press the lever lightly (fig. 3).
If whipped cream (mousse, crème) is not firm enough, shake once more.
When using later, do not shake again.
7. Always keep your LISS Professional CreamWhipper in the refrigerator
(never in the deep-freezing compartment or the freezer!).
8. Storage when filled: Remove the decorating nozzle from nozzle adaptor,
rinse thoroughly and put nozzle back on. After use place the LISS
Professional CreamWhipper in the refrigerator. The content will stay fresh
for several days.
9. Cleaning and storage of the empty LISS Professional CreamWhipper
- Before opening, allow remaining pressure to escape by pressing the lever.
- Unscrew the head and remove head seal and decorating nozzle. Hold end of valve inside the head while unscrew
ing nozzle adaptor with the other hand.
- Thoroughly clean each individual component with a mild detergent and a brush.
- Allow the parts to dry and store head and bottle separately.
- Only the stainless steel bottles may be cleaned in the dishwasher
- Do not clean head and parts of the LISS Professional CreamWhipper
in the dishwasher!
- Do not clean any component of the LISS Professional CreamWhipper
in boiling water!
Helpful Hints:
1. Before filling the whipper cool the bottle by using cold water or place in the
2. Only use soluble ingredients. Insoluble substances such as seeds, pulp, etc.
prevent the closure of the delivery valve or might impair the proper function-
ing of the LISS Professional CreamWhipper.
3. For sweetening, it is best to use powder sugar or liquid sweeteners.
Granulated sugar or salt should first be dissolved in water or milk. Use pow-
derized or liquid spices only.
4. Overshaking will make pure heavy cream too stiff, therefore, please shake
only 3-4 times. Do not shake everytime before dispensing. Please shake
recipes consisting of mixtures of cream and other liquids well and more fre-
5. When dispensing always hold the whipper upside down (decorating nozzle
pointing downwards) otherwise pressure will escape and some cream will

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