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Kensington Wireless Presenter
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    Wireless Presenter
    2 AAA Batteries
    USB Wireless Receiver
    Instruction Guide


    Your new Kensington Wireless Presenter offers you increased control for more
    effective presentations. Please read this short manual to learn valuable infor-
    mation about the proper use and installation of your new Wireless Presenter.
    Register your new Wireless Presenter online at

    Wireless Presenter

    Instruction Guide

    Instruction Guide
    Guide d’instructions
    Manual de instrucciones


    Your new Wireless Presenter is compact, comfortable and convenient. It allows
    you to control presentations up to 60 feet (18m) away. This all-in-one Wireless
    Presentation Remote is loaded with many features:
    1. USB receiver stores conveniently inside the remote and automatically
    shuts it off to save battery life
    2. Up to 60ft (18m) of wireless range
    3. Simple and easy to usejust plug & play
    4. Compatible with most presentation applications including Microsoft®
    PowerPoint® and Apple Keynote.
    5. Play slideshow
    6. Next slide, previous slide buttons
    7. Hide button


    Range: Up to 60 feet (18m)
    Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    Battery: 2 AAA batteries
    System Requirement: PC running Windows XP®, 2000®; Macintosh® running
    Mac® OS 10.2.8 or later; Available USB port.

    Connecting your Presenter

    To connect to a USB port: Plug the Presentation Remote USB Receiver into your
    computer’s USB port. You may also use the spare USB port on your keyboard
    or a USB port on a hub connected to your computer. You do not need to turn
    off your computer before connecting or disconnecting a USB device.

    About your Wireless Presenter

    •The maximum range is 60 ft (18m) between the receiver and the remote.
    The receiver has a single light indicator with 2 colors, green and red. For
    every button press of the presenter, the receiver LED quickly flashes green to
    indicate that the battery level is good. The LED will flash red on every button
    press if the battery level is low.
    The Wireless Presenter should work up to one year with the batteries
    that come with it. This is based on average usage. To extend battery life
    when not in use, be sure to turn off the remote by inserting the receiver
    into the remote.
    Always replace the batteries in sets, using the same age and brand
    of batteries.
    Always dispose of batteries properly.

    Contacting Kensington

    Troubleshooting information and answers to frequently asked
    questions are available 24 hours a day on the Kensington Web site at

    Technical Support

    Te chnical support is available to all registered users of Kensington products.
    There is no charge for technical support except the cost of the phone call,
    and long distance charges where applicable. Technical Support Contact
    information can be found at the end of this instruction guide.
Kensington Wireless Presenter

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