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handleidingKata Studio RC
Adjustable foam hood
extension to fit a variety of
lens lengths and
circumferences for
An integral mesh accessory pocket
provides an easy storage solution
for the Studio Rain Cover when
not in use
Extra length protects camera and tripod in wind and rain. Extra
width allows complete freedom of movement even when fastened
to tripod in windy conditions
Rain cover for outdoor Broadcasting
Seam seal Vinyl window
for Tally light


Crystal clear vinyl window
High density nylon fabric, treated with 3 layers of PU component coating
Fastex-ITW( nylon or acetal buckles
Clear vinyl panel on
lens control side


Two seam seal Vinyl
windows on handle
Double layered
opening to
extend cables
Tightening elastic cords to
keep handles dry
Clear vinyl zippered
flap enables, both
visual and physical
access to controls

Installing Studio RC

1. Unfold RC from mesh pocket.

2. Insert the rear end of the view finder into the transparent


3. Tighten the monitor hood around the front of the view


4. Fasten handle, flap and middle zippers.

5. Stretch the cover over the camera and tighten the lens hood

around the rim of the lens.

6. Fasten main zipper.


The STUDIO RC is a comprehensive rain cover that provides

protection for the entire photographic gear: Camera, tuning

handles, zoom control, follow focus and tripod.

Once a studio camera is harnessed into an outdoor production it

will spend long stretches of time exposed to the natural elements,

more than ordinary ENG cameras, because it will be left outside

even when not in use.

The STUDIO RC provides long term protection against rain, moisture

dust and scratches. And can also be used in large studio productions

to protect the camera.

The STUDIO RC is suitable for a variety of studio cameras, tripods

and accessories.

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