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Models 29090-2000



Easy to clean white ceramic bowl
Sturdy wood seat with durable baked enamel finish
Forward angled pump for easy operation
Convenient top-mounted dry bowl selector
Reversible pump mounting for right or left hand
External seal housing/rod guide for easy replacement
Extra large seal housing allows piston rod assembly to
be removed without removing valve cover
Smooth external surfaces with skirted base to maintain
Base of pump and valve cover are skirted to conceal
gasket/flap valves
Triadic full-flow joker valve to avoid accidental blockage
Multi-angle discharge port for versatility of plumbing
29090-2000 Compact Size Bowl & Seat
29120-2000 Household Size Bowl & Seat
Inlet port – 3/4"
Disharge port – 1-1/2"
Weight – compact bowl: 26 lb
large bowl: 32 lb
The Jabsco Manual toilet is designed to meet the require-
ments of onboard marine applications. It may be installed
above or below the waterline. If the toilet is, or can be,
below the waterline at any normal (including static) attitude
of vessel heel and/or trim, a 3/4" Vented Loop Fitting must
be installed in a length of hose that connects the flushing
pump to the rear of the bowl. The vented Loop Fitting
should be positioned so it remains about eight inches or
more above the waterline at all angles of heel and trim. If
the toilet is plumbed to an overboard discharge, the
discharge hose must also include a Vented Loop Fitting.
(See WARNING.) The toilet may be plumbed so waste is

Models 29090-2000 & 29120-2000

discharged to holding tank, directly overboard (where
permitted by law) or into a certified waste treatment device.
For installation versatility, the pump assembly may be
positioned on the left or right hand side of the bowl. Its
multi-angle discharge port will allow routing of discharge
hose in almost any direction for ease of installation and
neat appearance.
The toilet is available with either a compact china bowl to fit
restrictive areas or a large bowl with household size seat
assembly for maximum comfort. Its forward angled double
action pump with convenient top mounted dry bowl selector
is easy and natural to operate. It is self-priming with a dry
suction lift of up to 3 feet (1 meter) and a discharge head to
9 feet (3 meters). A full-flow triadic joker valve resists
blockage while providing positive back-flow prevention.
Manual Marine toilets have traditionally been somewhat
cumbersome and confusing to operate and maintain.The
Jabsco toilet has been designed with user convenience in
mind. The pump assembly is angled forward to provide a
natural, smooth stroke action.It has a top mounted wet/dry
bowl selector which can be operated with the same hand
used for pumping without releasing the pump handle.
The Jabsco toilet is surprisingly easy to operate. Simply
move the wet/dry bowl selector to the wet bowl position
(left) and pump handle up and down a few times to add
some water to the bowl prior to use. After using, flush by
again pumping handle up and down (in wet bowl position)
until bowl is thoroughly rinsed and evacuated.Then move
the wet/dry bowl selector to the dry bowl position (right)
and continue pumping until only about one cup of water
remains in the bottom of bowl. Leave the wet/dry bowl
selector in the dry bowl position when toilet is not in use.
Flood hazard. If toilet is installed below the
waterline or may be below the waterline at any
angle of heel or trim, it must be installed with
properly positioned vented loops. Failure to do
so can result in flooding which can cause loss
of property and life.

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