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which is an integral part of this Term throughout the country. This
contractual warranty implicates in the free substitution of the parts,
pieces and components that have production defects, besides the
labor used in that repair. If there is no production defect verified,
but defects from incorrect use, the consumer will pay for these
2 When the defect is verified, the Consumer should immediately
communicate with the closest Authorized Service Center which is
in the list supplied by the manufacturer - only these are authorized
to examine and to repair the defect during the guarantee period
here foreseen. If this is not respected this warranty will lose its
validity, because the product will have been violated.
3 In the eventuality that the Consumer requests a home visit he
should contact the nearest service center to verify the cost of a
technical visit. If it is necessary to remove the product, the resulting
expenses, transportation and insurance of the product are under
the responsibility of the consumer.
Intelbras S/A Indústria de Telecomunicação Eletrônica Brasileira
Rodovia BR 101, km 210 - Área Industrial - São José - SC - 88104-800 - Brasil
Phone +55 48 3281-9500 - Fax +55 48 3281-9505 -
4 The warranty will lose its validity if any of the following
possibilities occur: a) if the defect was caused by the consumer
or third parties, and not because of the manufacturer b) if damage
to the product originating from accidents, sinister, agents of nature
(rays, floods, collapses, etc.), humidity, tension in the electrical
network (overloads provoked by accidents or excessive variation
on the network), installation/use not in accordance with the User's
Manual or due to natural wear and tear of the parts, pieces and
components; c) if the product has suffered from chemical,
electromagnetic, electric or animal attacks (insects, etc.); d) if the
serial number of the product has been adulterated or deleted; e) if
the device has been violated.
Being these conditions of this complementary Term of Warranty
stated, Intelbras S/A reserves the right to alter the general technical
and aesthetic characteristics of its products without previous


For information, call: +55 48 2106 0006 (Brazil and other countries)

For suggestions, complaints and assistance, call: 0800 7042767 (Brazil only)

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Pleno | 4080054
Handleiding (PDF)
SoortAnaloge telefoon
Kleur van het productZwart
Aantal handsets mogelijk-
Microfoon muteJa
Capaciteit telefoonboek- entries
Opnieuw bellenJa
Ingebouwd displayNee
Poorten & interfaces
Draadloze verbindingenNee
Overige specificaties
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte187 mm
Diepte90 mm
Hoogte137 mm
Gewicht415 g
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