Indesit WITE 107

Indesit WITE 107 handleiding

  • 1
    Installation, 2-3
    Unpacking and levelling, 2
    Electric and water connections, 2-3
    The first wash cycle, 3
    Technical details, 3
    Washing machine description, 4-5
    Control panel, 4
    How to open and shut the drum, 4
    Display, 5
    MEMO Programme, 5
    Starting and Programmes, 6
    Briefly: how to start a programme, 6
    Programme table, 6
    Personalisations, 7
    Setting the spin cycle, 7
    Setting the Delay Timer, 7
    Setting the temperature, 7
    Functions, 7
    Detergents and laundry, 8
    Detergent dispenser, 8
    Bleach cycle, 8
    Preparing your laundry, 8
    Special items, 8
    Precautions and advice, 9
    General safety, 9
    Disposal, 9
    Saving energy and respecting the environment, 9
    Care and maintenance, 10
    Cutting off the water or electricity supply, 10
    Cleaning your appliance, 10
    Cleaning the detergent dispenser, 10
    Caring for your appliance door and drum, 10
    Cleaning the pump, 10
    Checking the water inlet hose, 10
    Cleaning the detergent dispenser, 10
    Troubleshooting, 11
    Service, 12
    Before calling for Assistance, 12
    WITE 107
    Instructions for use
    English, 1
    Italiano, 13

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Indesit WITE 107 specificaties

Merk Indesit
Model WITE 107
Product Wasmachine
Taal Engels, Italiaans
Bestandstype PDF

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