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    1 This appliance is intended for non-professional use within
    the home.
    2 Before using the appliance, carefully read the instructions
    contained in this manual, as they provide important
    information for ensuring safe installation, use and
    maintenance. Keep this manual as a reference guide.
    3 Remove the packing and make sure the appliance hasn’t been
    damaged during transport. If you have any doubts, don’t use
    the appliance. Call a qualified technician for assistance. For
    safety, keep packing materials (plastic bags, polystyrene foam,
    tacks, etc.) away from children.
    4 The appliance must be installed by a qualified technician in
    accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No liability for
    injury or damage to persons, animals or property will be accepted
    by the manufacturer arising from failure to follow these
    5 The electrical safety of this appliance is ensured only if it is
    correctly connected to an efficiently earthed system in
    accordance with electrical safety regulations. Make sure this
    basic safety requirement has been complied with. If in doubt,
    have it checked by a qualified technician. No liability for damage
    will be accepted by the manufacturer because of defective
    6 Before connecting the appliance, make sure the specifications
    on the rating plate correspond with those of your power supply.
    7 Check that your supply and sockets are sufficient for the total
    load taken by your appliance which is stated on the rating plate.
    If you have any doubts, contact a qualified technician for service.
    8 A multipole circuit breaker with a space between contacts of 3
    mm or more must be fitted for installation
    9 If the socket and cooker plug are not compatible, have the socket
    replaced with a suitable model by a qualified technician who
    should also check that the cross-section of the socket cable is
    suited to the power absorbed by the appliance. The use of
    adaptors, multiple sockets and/or extensions, is not
    recommended. If their use can not be avoided, remember to
    use only single or multiple adapters and extensions which comply
    with current safety regulations. In these cases, never exceed
    the maximum current capacity indicated on the single adaptor
    or extension and the maximum power indicated on the multiple
    10 Do not leave the appliance plugged in if it is not necessary.
    Switch off the main switch and gas cock when you are not using
    the cooker.
    11 The openings and slots used for ventilation and dispersion
    of heat must never be closed or plugged.
    12 The user must not replace the supply cable of this appliance.
    Always call an after-sales servicing centre authorised by the
    manufacturer in the case of cable damage or replacement.
    13 This appliance must be used for the purpose for which it was
    expressly designed.
    Any other use (e.g. heating rooms) is considered to be improper
    and consequently dangerous.
    The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage resulting
    from improper and irresponsible use.
    14 A number of fundamental rules must be followed when using
    electrical appliances. The following are of particular importance:
    · do not touch the appliance when your hands or feet are wet
    · do not use the appliance barefooted
    · do not use extensions, but if these are necessary caution
    must be exercised.
    · never pull the power supply cable or the appliance to unplug
    the appliance plug from the mains.
    · never leave the appliance exposed to atmospheric agents
    (rain, sun etc.)
    · do not allow children or persons who are not familiar with
    the appliance to use it, without supervision.
    15 Always unplug the hob from the mains or switch off the main
    switch before cleaning or carrying out maintenance operations.
    16 If the surface of the glass breaks, disconnect the appliance
    immediately. For repairs call only an authorised after-sales
    servicing centre and request the use of original spare parts
    only. Failure to comply with the above may compromise the
    safety of the appliance.
    17 If you are no longer using the appliance, remember to make it
    unserviceable by unplugging the appliance from the mains and
    cutting the supply cable. Also make all potentially dangerous
    parts of the appliance, safe, above all for children who could
    play with the appliance.
    18 The vitreous china hob is resistant to temperature fluctuations
    and shockproof. Remember however that sharp kitchen tools
    or cutters may break the surface of the hob. If this happens,
    unplug the cooker immediately from the mains and call your
    local servicing centre.
    19 Remember that the cooking surface remains hot for at least
    half an hour after you switch off the surface. Do not place
    containers or other objects on the hot surface.
    20 Avoid setting anything on the glass surface of the cooktop.
    21 Do not turn on the cooking surfaces if there are sheets of
    aluminium foil or plastic on the hob.
    22 Keep away from the hot surfaces.
    23 When using small electrical household appliances close to the
    hob, ensure that the power cable does not rest on the hot
    24 Keep pot handles turned inwards to avoid knocking the pot off
    the hob.
    25 When you turn on the cooking surface always place a pot on
    the surface immediately as it will otherwise overheat very quickly
    and possibly damage the heating elements.
    26 Preliminary instructions. The glass sealant utilised may leave
    traces of grease on the glass. Remember to wipe these away
    with a normal non abrasive detergent before you turn on the
    appliance. During the first few hours of use there may be a
    smell of rubber which will disappear very quickly.
    27 When the appliance is in use, the heating elements and
    some parts of the oven door become extremely hot. Make
    sure you don't touch them and keep children well away.
    28 Make sure the knobs are in the “•”/”o” position when the appli-
    ance is not in use.
    29 If the cooker is placed on a pedestal, take the necessary
    precautions to prevent the same from sliding off the pedestal
    To maintain the EFFICIENCY and SAFETY of this appliance, we recommend:
    call only the Service Centers authorized by the manufacturer
    always use original Spare Parts
Indesit K6C51/X

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