Indesit EDPE 845 A1 ECO (UK) handleiding

Indesit EDPE 845 A1 ECO (UK)
7.5 · 1
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handleidingIndesit EDPE 845 A1 ECO (UK)


Installation, 2

Where to install the tumble dryer
Electrical connections
Levelling the tumble dryer
Preliminary information

Warnings, 4

General safety
Saving energy and respecting the environment

Care and maintenance, 6

Disconnecting the power supply
Cleaning the filter after each cycle
Checking the drum after each cycle
Emptying the water container after each cycle
Cleaning the Heat Pump Filter
Cleaning the tumble dryer

Description of the tumble dryer, 8

Control panel

How to carry out a drying cycle, 10

Starting and selecting a programme

Programmes and options, 11

Programme chart
Special programmes
Opening the door

Laundry, 14

Sorting laundry
Care labels
Drying times

Troubleshooting, 15

Assistance, 16

Spare parts
Essential Contact Information
Information on recycling and disposal


Instruction manual


This symbol reminds you to read this

instruction manual.

! Keep this manual at hand for immediate reference whenever
necessary. Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and
remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or tran-
sferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings
and suggestions herein contained.
! Read these instructions carefully: the following pages contain
important information on installation and useful suggestions for
operating the appliance.

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EDPE 845 A1 ECO (UK)
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