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HGST 5K320
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Deskstar™ 7K2000
Huge capacity, highest 7200 RPM reliability
for outstanding performance for desktop
The Deskstar 7K2000 delivers a colossal 2TB
of storage capacity. Now in its fourth-
generation, the unique 5-platter design from
Hitachi utilizes relaxed bit density as well
as the industries most reliable proven
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)
Deskstar 7K1000.C
Exceptional blend of power efficiency and
performance with up to 1TB capacity
Deskstar 7K1000.C is the 3rd generation of
1TB from Hitachi providing the right mix of
performance and power efficiency making it
ideal for power–friendly PCs.
Travelstar™ 7K320
7200 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive
with capacities ranging from
80GB to 320GB
Designed to support the high-performance
needs of multi-tasking commercial users
and consumers on-the-go, Travelstar
7K320 offers speed without sacrificing
battery life, capacity or audio quality.
Travelstar 5K500.B
High-capacity EcoTrac storage for
Notebook PCs and mobile applications
Hitachi’s second-generation 500GB,
5400 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive for
entertainment power-house
notebooks. The 5K500.B has the lowest
power consumption in its class and is
halogen-free for an eco-friendly
CinemaStar™ 7K1000.B
Power-efficient, high-capacity storage
optimized for digital video applications
Hitachi delivers its second-generation 1TB
CinemaStar drive with best-in-class
power utilization and proven
features like silent-seek acoustics and
streaming video features set to improve
handling of multiple, simultaneous video
streams, typical of surveillance applications.
CinemaStar C5K500
Digital video and surveillance storage for
slim designs and 24x7 operation
CinemaStar C5K500 elevates data
reliability with the new Iterative Detection
Read Channel for improved signal
processing. Capacities range from 160 to
500GB and has best-in-class power
utilization to help reduce energy costs.
Ultrastar™ A7K2000
Huge 2TB capacity, reliable, power-efficient
hard drives for the enterprise
Delivers huge capacity to the enterprise,
with up to 2TB of capacity, 7200 RPM
performance and innovative technologies
like Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS).
Ultrastar C10K300
Cool, compact with SAS 6Gb/s performance
for 24x7 enterprise enviroments
The C10K300 drive delivers the performance
and reliability demanded in high
performance computing and mission-critical
environments. The ultra fast SAS interface
running at 6Gb/s improves data reliability,
availability and scalability.
Endurastar™ J4K100
Drives that are built to perform in the
harshest enviroments
With capacites up to 100GB and offering
a wider temperature range and improved
altitude range, the Endurastar J4K100 is
designed to operate in the most severe
conditions from -30˚C to +85˚C and
altitudes of -300 to +5500 meters.
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HGST 5K320

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HGST 5K320 specificaties

Model 5K320
Product Harde schijf
Taal Engels
Bestandstype PDF
HDD capaciteit 120 GB
HDD rotatiesnelheid 5400 RPM
Interface SATA
Buffergrootte opslagstation 8 MB
Overige specificaties
Intern Ja
Overdrachtssnelheid 3 Gbit/s
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