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TMP 100

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In order to use the TMP 100, you will need the following items, which are not in-
cluded with the TMP 100:
A video recording device such as a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera, a tablet
or a smartphone. The TMP 100 does not come with a phone or a tablet
A device, typically, a tablet or a cellphone, displaying the script to be read
in front of the camera. The device will need to be equipped with a tele-
prompng applicaon or soware allowing mirroring of text.
A tripod capable of supporng the weight of the enre setup.


DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras: the distance between the mounng hole at the
boom of the camera and the front of the lens should not exceed 7.9” or
Tablet/Cell phone: the maximum display the TMP 100 will accommodate
without part of the screen being cut o is 10.5”x 8” or 26.5cm x 20cm

App Download

Download a free or a paid version of a tele-
prompter in the app store of your tablet or cell-
phone. The app must be able to mirror the script
in order to funcon properly with the TMP 100.

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