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  • T90/T110/T130/T150
    Voltage/Continuity Tester
    Instruction Sheet
    The Fluke T90/T110/T130/T150 Electrical Testers (the
    Tester or Product) are voltage and continuity testers
    with a rotary eld indication (T110/T130/T150 only).
    Their primary use is for test and measurement in
    industrial, commercial, and household environments.
    This Product complies with the most recent safety
    standards for safe, reliable test and measurement.
    The xed test probe cover prevents the risk of injury
    when you move the instrument.
    How to Contact Fluke
    To contact Fluke, call one of the following telephone
    Germany: 07684 - 80 09 545
    France: 01 48 17 37 37
    United Kingdom: +44-0-1603256600
    Go to www.uke.com to register your product,
    download manuals, and nd more information.
    To view, print, or download the latest manual
    supplement, visit http://us.uke.com/usen/support/
    Safety Information
     Warning
    To prevent possible electrical shock, re, or
    personal injury:
    Read all safety Information before you use the
    Use the Product only as specied, or the
    protection supplied by the Product can be
    Measure a known voltage rst to make sure
    that the Product operates correctly.
    Do not apply more than the rated voltage,
    between the terminals or between each
    terminal and earth ground.
    PN 3928132
    October 2011, Rev. 2, 5/18
    © 2011-2018 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Specications are subject to change without notice. All product
    names are trademarks of their respective companies.
    Limit operation to the specied measurement
    category or voltage ratings.
    Do not work alone.
    Comply with local and national safety codes.
    Use personal protective equipment (approved
    rubber gloves, face protection, and ame-
    resistant clothes) to prevent shock and arc
    blast injury where hazardous live conductors
    are exposed.
    Do not use the Product around explosive gas,
    vapor, or in damp or wet environments.
    Do not use and disable the Product if it is
    Do not use the Product if it operates
    Keep ngers behind the nger guards on the
    Do not use the Product if the test leads are
    Examine the case before you use the Product.
    Look for cracks or missing plastic.
    The battery door must be closed and fastened
    before you operate the Product.
    Replace the batteries when the low battery
    indicator shows to prevent incorrect
    Repair the Product before use if the battery
    For use by competent persons. Anyone
    using this Product should be knowledgeable
    and trained about the risks involved with
    measuring voltage, especially in an industrial
    setting, and the importance of taking safety
    precautions and of testing the Product before
    and after using it to ensure that it is in good
    working condition.
    These symbols are on the Tester or in this instruction
    Symbol Explanation
    Important information. Consult the
    instruction sheet.
    Hazardous Voltage.
    Suitable for live working.
    Conforms to European Union Directives
    CAT III Measurement Category III is applicable to
    test and measuring circuits connected to
    the distribution part of the building’s low-
    voltage MAINS installation.
    CAT IV Measurement Category IV is applicable
    to test and measuring circuits connected
    at the source of the building’s low-voltage
    MAINS installation.
    Symbol Explanation
    This product complies with the WEEE
    Directive (2002/96/EC) marking
    requirements. The axed label indicates
    that you must not discard this electrical/
    electronic product in domestic household
    waste. Product Category: With reference
    to the equipment types in the WEEE
    Directive Annex I, this product is classed
    as category 9 "Monitoring and Control
    Instrumentation" product. Do not dispose
    of this producat as unsorted municipal
    wast. To to Fluke's website for recycling
    The Tester is supplied with accessories.
    Part Number Accessory
    4083642 GS38 Probe Tip Sheath
    4083656 4 mm Probe Extensions
    4111533 H15 Belt Holster (sold separately)
    C150 Zippered Soft Carrying Case
    (sold separately)
    Figure 1 shows the Probe Tip Protector Cap. This
    multifunctional accessory is useful for tests and
    storage of dierent accessories.
    Storage area for Probe Tip Sheaths
    Storage area for 4 mm Probe Extensions
    Earth-pin safety-socket opener for UK
    sockets (press opener into socket to release
    safety covers, see Figure 2)
    Storage area for probes when not in use
    Figure 3 illustrates how to store and retrieve the tip
    accessories from the cap.
    Quick Reference
    Use the pushbuttons to turn the functions on or o.
    See the list that follows for a quick reference to each
    of these pushbuttons.
    Pushbutton Description
    Push to turn torch light on or o
    (T110, T130, T150).
    To save battery power the
    function automatically turns o
    after 30 seconds.
    Push to hold the value that shows
    in the LCD in volt and resistance
    measurements. Push again to
    turn HOLD o (T130, T150).
    To save battery power the
    function automatically turns o
    after 30 seconds.
    Push this button on each of
    the probes at the same time to
    start the test for low impedance
    switchable load.
    Push and hold for 2 seconds to
    turn the beeper on or o. The
    status shows on the LCD (T150,
    T130) or with the LED (T110).
    Push and hold for 2 seconds to
    turn the resistance measurement
    on or o (T150 only).
    To save battery power, the
    function automatically turns o
    after 30 seconds.
    For storage, push Probe Tip Sheath into
    To retrieve, rmly push probe tip into Probe
    Tip Sheath.
    Pull on probe handle to remove Probe Tip
    For storage, push 4 mm Probe Extensions
    into place.
    To retrieve, rmly push probe tip into Probe
    Extensions. Twist 1/4 turn.
    Pull on probe handle to remove Probe
    Extensions. Continue to twist until tip is tight.
Fluke T150

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Merk Fluke
Model T150
Product Multimeter
EAN 0095969610513
Taal Engels
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