Dyson DC01

Dyson DC01 handleiding

  • 1. Do not leave your Dyson cleaner with the plug
    connected to a mains outlet – unplug when not in
    use. Turn the cleaner off with the switch button
    before removing from the mains outlet.
    2. Always remove the plug from a mains outlet
    before carrying out any maintenance. Do not
    carry out any maintenance work on the cleaner
    other than that outlined in this manual,
    especially where electrical components are
    3. Do not use without the clear bin assembly fitted
    correctly and both filters in place.
    4. Do not fit anything other than Dyson spare parts
    (available on the Helpline on 01666 827272).
    Use of non-Dyson parts could invalidate your
    5. Do not continue to use the cleaner if any part
    appears to be faulty, missing or damaged. In
    these cases, contact the Dyson Helpline on
    01666 827272.
    6. Do not put any part of the body, clothes or any
    object near or into the openings or moving parts
    of the machine. Do not use the machine with any
    of the openings blocked with any object that may
    restrict the airflow.
    7. Do not pull on the supply cord, run over it or pull
    it around sharp edges or near/over hot surfaces.
    If damaged, call the Dyson Helpline. Do not
    handle the cleaner or plug with wet hands.
    8. Do not use the cleaner if the cord or plug are
    damaged or if the cleaner has been damaged,
    dropped or has come into contact with water or
    any other liquid. In these cases, contact the
    9. Do not use the cleaner to pick up water or any
    other liquid. Electrical shocks could occur if used
    outdoors or on wet surfaces.
    10. Do not use the cleaner to pick up flammable or
    combustible substances or hot ashes or burning
    objects of any kind. Do not use near such
    11. Do not work below the cleaner on the stairs.
    12. Do not immerse the whole cleaner in water for
    cleaning. The clear bin alone may be washed out
    after emptying. Ensure this is completely dry
    before using the cleaner again.
    13. Static charge can occur in many ways and, when
    vacuuming, certain carpets may generate small
    static charges in the clear bin. These are entirely
    harmless and are not associated with the mains
    supply. To minimise any effect from this, do not
    put your hand or insert any object into the clear
    bin unless you have first emptied and rinsed out
    the clear bin with water.
    14. Cleaners with brush bars may mark the surface
    of smooth floors.
    15. Ensure that hands, feet and fingers, particularly
    those of small children, are kept away from the
    cleaner and especially from the brush bar.
    16. Please note that the brush bar continues to turn
    while the hose is in use – ensure that the cable is
    clear of the machine during this operation and
    that the cleaner is not placed near anything
    which may come into contact with the brushbar.
    17. Do not use the cleaner directly facing gas fires,
    boilers or open fires, whether lit or unlit. Exhaust
    air discharged at the front of the cleaner may
    extinguish a gas fire or pilot light or disturb
    ashes in an open fire. Always avoid directing the
    cleaner towards naked flames.
    Important safety instructions – please read before use
    Please read carefully before
    assembling or using your
    DCO1 vacuum cleaner.
    Operating manual
    SN16 ORP
    Helpline 01666 827272
    Facsimile 01666 827298
    Contact for all service assistance
    00753-01 00746-01 21/11/97 REV 1
Dyson DC01

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Merk Dyson
Model DC01
Product Stofzuiger
Taal Engels
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