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A Quick Guide to Storage Heating

This guide is designed to help you set up your storage heaters, maximising your comfort whilst minimising your heating bills. This guide covers
‘Automatic’ and ‘Manual’ heaters, and it is important to know which type you have in order to use them properly. Further details are available
in the ’Operation Instructions’ provided with the product, on our website at www.dimplex.co.uk or by calling 0844 879 3588.
Do not cover the heater.
Ensure that the supply switch next to the heater is turned on at all times during the heating season.
Nothing may be within 10” of the top of the heater or 3” of the sides or front of the heater at any time.
The outer case of the heater will be hot and care should be taken to avoid contact with the heater, especially the grille.

Manual or


First you need to know if your heater is
a manual or an automatic model.
Manual models must be adjusted each
day with the weather to give a
comfortable room temperature the
following day.
These models are:
Automatic models will automatically
adjust for the next day’s requirements
once a comfortable temperature is set.
These models are:

Your Controls

This control should be left at the lowest setting, and
increased when extra heat is required. It should be
returned to the lowest setting at the end of each day.
The position of this control dictates how much heat is
stored in the product ready for use the next day.
Initially this should be set at the mid-point. If it is too
warm the next day then the control should be lowered
slightly, if it is too cold it should be raised slightly.

Staying Comfortable

If you have a ‘Manual’ heater, you should continue to adjust the ‘Input’ through the heating
season as the weather changes. Turn it up slightly if the room is too cold or down if the room is
too warm. This will make the room slightly cooler or warmer, but not until the next day.
Continue to adjust the control up or down for a few days until you have found a comfortable room
temperature. The heater will now automatically adjust the amount of heat stored to give you the
same temperature every day, so the ‘Input’ can be left alone without need for adjustment.
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