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200-Litre Buffer Tank 339 830 / PSW 200

for Heat Pumps PSP 200 / 80487 302

Installation Instructions Order No.: 452115.67.08


Placement and installation must be carried out by an authorised specialised company !

The unit must be installed in a frost-proof room with pipe runs as short as possible.

The max. allowable working pressures indicated on the data plate must not be exceeded.
Immersion heaters may only be hooked up by a qualified electrician in accordance with the relevant
circuit diagram. It is mandatory that all relevant requirements of the utility company, VDE and DIN
standard 4751-2 be complied with.


Since the buffer tanks are not enamelled they must not ever be used for the heating of domestic
hot water.
All connections are brought out of the insulation. Unused connecting sockets must be sealed with a
cap or plug.
A draining option should be provided at the lower socket.

Safety valve:

Where the buffer tank is equipped with an immersion heater, it must be connected by means of a
type-tested diaphragm safety valve without shut-off feature. The connection diameter must have a
minimum nominal width of 20. The discharge line must not allow any pressure increase to take


Prior to commissioning check that the water supply is open and the tank is full. Initial filling and
start-up needs to be performed by an authorised specialist company. When so doing, a functional
check and a leak test of the entire system including the parts pre-assembled at the factory must be
carried out.
The safety valve must be checked for proper operation at regular intervals.

Technical Data:

in 200 litres
Rated capacity litres 200
Height mm 1260
Diameter mm 600
Immersion heater inserts 1 ½'' FPT qty. 3
Air vent Z 1'' FPT
Heating water flow line HV 1 ¼'' FPT
Heating water return HR 1 ¼'' FPT
Adjusting feet qty. 3
Max. permissible operating temperature,
heating water
°C 95
Max. permissible working pressure,
heating water
bar 3


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