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This guide is for quick reference only. Please refer to the operating section for further information.

How Does the Heater Control Work?

The control allows you to choose when you want heat and at what temperature.
When using a timer mode (see below), Comfort On will display on the home screen to tell you when the heater is maintaining
the temperature displayed. Comfort Off will display when the heater is outside of a timed heating period.
When Manual, Eco or Frost modes are being used the heater will always maintain the temperature shown on the home

Set the Time

To set the date and time on the heater, press Menu, then press the Enter with Time / Date highlighted. Press or until
the correct value is shown, then press Enter to conrm and move on to the next value. Repeat until all details are correct,
and Set displays, then press Back.
The time is automatically adjusted in spring and autumn between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Summer Time

Set the Temperature

The temperature shown on the display is the room temperature set point. This is the temperature that the
heater will maintain during heating periods. If the room temperature is above this temperature then the
heater will not operate. The heater leaves the factory with this temperature set at 21°C which represents a
typical, comfortable room temperature. If you require a dierent room temperature then press either or
on the home screen until the display shows the temperature you require.

Timer Modes

Your Quantum heater comes pre-programmed with four timer
modes. These modes dene the periods when the heater will
operate in Comfort On mode. The four modes are:
Timer Mode Description
Out All Day 6 hours heating per day in two periods
Home All Day 9 hours heating per day in one period
Set the number of days for which you are
on holiday
User Timer Customise times in four periods

Low Surface Temperature Heater

Quick Start Guide

8/53222/0 ISSUE 0
In order to avoid overheating, Do Not Cover the heater. Do not place matrerial or garments on the heater, or obstruct
the air circulation around the heater.
Ensure that both supply swtiches next to the heater are turned on. During the summer when no heat is required, both
wall switches can be turned o. Remember to turn both of these back on in Autumn when heat is required.
CAUTION as some parts of this product can become very hot and cause burns. Particular attention has to be given where
children and vulnerable people are present.
Note that due care and consideration must be taken when using this heater in series with thermal control, a program
controller, a timer or any other device that switches on the heat automatically, since a re risk exists when the heater is
accidentally covered or displaced.


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