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Congratulations on your purchase of Datel’s Gaming Headset™ for SONY PS3®.
Now you can take charge in PS3® games with talk or voice control features.
Connecting and using your PS3 Gaming Headset
1. Conn
ect the 2.5 headphone jack plug of the Gaming Headset into the socket
on the USB headset adapter.
2. Connect the USB headset adapter to a free USB port on your PS3® console.
3. Fit the headset over your head, aligning the padded speaker with your ear
and the mouthpiece to the side of your mouth.
Correct placement of your headset and microphone is important to using your
headset successfully in your games. The mouthpiece is designed to point the
microphone towards your mouth without actually being directly in front of it.
This is to ensure good pick up of your voice without picking up your breathing.
Configuring your PS3® to use the Gaming Headset
1. On your
PS3’s browser menu go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Accessory Settings’.
2. Under ‘Input Device’ select the device ‘C-Media USB Audio Device’ as Input
and Output Device and choose OK. You should see the microphone level
displayed on screen confirming the headset is working correctly.
3. If necessary, use the ‘Microphone Level’ setting to adjust the sensitivity of the
microphone in the PS3 Gaming Headset.
4. You are now ready to start your game or chat session.
Consult the documentation that came with your game or console for information on
how to use the chat feature in your chosen software.
Hearing Loss
Prolonged exposure to loud volumes may result in temporary or permanent damage
to your hearing. Be careful to not set the volume level too high on your headset
and take regular breaks when gaming or chatting.

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