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DWC-LU1011/121X, DWC-LD1411/161X, DWD-LU1011/121X, DWD-LD1411/161X
DWC-LU102X/122X, DWC-LD142X/162X, DWD-LU102X/122X, DWD-LD142X/162X
Washing Machine Instruction Manual
Economic wash system
Using artificial intelligence, the washer uses minimum energy and water by selecting optimal water level and
washing time.
Low noise system
The washer minimizes the washing and spinning noises by sensing the amount of laundry.
The Child-Lock system has been used to prevent children from pressing any button to change the program
during operation.
The Steam wash system.
Air bubble washing(Option)
his is an advanced technology that generates millions of air bubbles inside the drum on washing sequence,
and the bubbles dissolve the detergent particles completely and cleanse all the soil in clothes gently and neatly.
Self-Cleaning Course of Drum
Enable to Self-Cleaning of Drum.
Digital Condensing Dry System.
Condensing Dry System with saveing energy.(for dry model)
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