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Installation of the Liquid MetalPads

Version 1.10 English
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Further installation with a hardware control
4. Further installation with a software application
5. Alternative installations
6. Removing of the Liquid MetalPad
7. Problems and solutions
The Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad consists of only metal and no non-metallic additives. The situation
when the Liquid MetalPad changes’ (melting) is at approximately 58°C from solid to liquid. When you
are using the revolutionary Liquid MetalPad, it has to melt only once with a “BurnIn” process to
achieve full performance.
There are different ways to install the Liquid MetalPad in your system. Subsequent to the introduction
you will find three versions for installing. This manual describes the installation with a typical CPU
cooler. Please note that you should install the Liquid MetalPad with the methods set out within this
manual, as it could otherwise damage your system and/or components. In this case Coollaboratory
accept no liability.

Attention: Nearly all motherboards on the market provide a wrong CPU temperature.

These temperatures are under or above the real CPU temperature. You can see the success

of the installation with a temperature scale / chart. The most motherboards have an

emergency stop, if the temperatures are really above 70-80°C.


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