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  • Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch.
    This watch has built-in sensors that measure direction and temperature.
    Measurement results are indicated by the watch's hands and displays. These features make this watch
    useful when hiking, mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities.
    The measurement functions built into this watch are not intended for taking measurements that
    require professional or industrial precision. Values produced by this watch should be considered
    as reasonable representations only.
    When engaging in mountain climbing or other activities in which losing your way can create a
    dangerous or life-threatening situation, always use a second compass to confi rm direction readings.
    Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss
    suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this product or its malfunction.
    E E-1
    About This Manual
    Depending on the model of your watch, display text appears either as
    dark fi gures on a light background, or light fi gures on a dark
    background. All examples in this manual are shown using dark fi gures
    on a light background.
    Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the
    Note that the product illustrations in this manual are intended for
    reference only, and so the actual product may appear somewhat
    different than depicted by an illustration.
    Things to check before using the watch
    1. Check the Home City and the daylight saving time (DST) setting.
    Use the procedure under “To confi gure Home City settings” (page E-13) to confi gure your Home City and
    daylight saving time settings.
    Proper World Time Mode data depends on correct Home City, time, and date settings in the Timekeeping
    Mode. Make sure you confi gure these settings correctly.
    2. Set the current time.
    See “Confi guring Current Time and Date Settings” (page E-15).
    The watch is now ready for use.
    E-2 About This Manual
    E-3 Things to check before using the watch
    E-7 Mode Reference Guide
    E-12 Timekeeping
    E-13 Confi guring Home City Settings
    E-13 To confi gure Home City settings
    E-14 To change the daylight saving time (summer time) setting
    E-15 Confi guring Current Time and Date Settings
    E-15 To change the current time and date settings
    E-18 Hand Home Position Adjustment
    E-18 To adjust home positions
    E-20 Using the Digital Compass
    E-20 To perform a digital compass operation
    E-23 To perform bidirectional calibration
    E-25 To perform magnetic declination correction
    E-26 To store a direction angle reading in Bearing Memory
    E-29 To set a map and fi nd your current location
    E-30 To fi nd the bearing to an objective
    E-31 To determine the direction angle to an objective on a map and head in that direction
    (Bearing Memory)
    E-34 Taking Temperature Readings
    E-34 To enter and exit the Thermometer Mode
    E-34 To take temperature readings
    E-36 To calibrate the temperature sensor
    E-37 Specifying Temperature Unit
    E-37 To specify the temperature unit
    E-38 Checking the Current Time in a Different Time Zone
    E-38 To enter the World Time Mode
    E-38 To view the time in another time zone
    E-39 To specify standard time or daylight saving time (DST) for a city
    E-40 To swap your Home Time and World Time Cities
    E-41 Using the Stopwatch
    E-41 To enter the Stopwatch Mode
    E-41 To perform an elapsed time operation
    E-41 To pause at a split time
    E-42 To measure two fi nishes
    E-43 Using the Countdown Timer
    E-43 To enter the Countdown Timer Mode
    E-43 To specify the countdown start time
    E-44 To perform a countdown timer operation
    E-44 To stop the alarm
    E-45 Using the Alarm
    E-45 To enter the Alarm Mode
    E-46 To set an alarm time
    E-46 To test the alarm
    E-47 To turn an alarm and the Hourly Time Signal on and off
    E-47 To stop the alarm
    E-48 Illumination
    E-48 To illuminate the display manually
    E-48 To change the illumination duration
    E-50 To enable or disable the auto light switch
    E-52 Button Operation Tone
    E-52 To enable or disable the button operation tone
    E-53 Troubleshooting
    E-57 Specifi cations
    Mode Reference Guide
    Your watch has 7 “modes”. The mode you should select depends on what you want to do.
    To do this: Enter this mode: See:
    View the current date in the Home City
    Confi gure Home City and daylight saving time (DST) settings
    Confi gure time and date settings
    Timekeeping Mode E-12
    Determine your current bearing or the direction from your current
    location to a destination as a direction indicator and angle value
    Determine your current location using the watch and a map
    Digital Compass Mode E-20
    Determine the temperature at your current location Thermometer Mode E-34
    View the current time in one of 48 cities (31 time zones) around the globe World Time Mode E-38
    Use the stopwatch to measure elapsed time Stopwatch Mode E-41
    Use the countdown timer Countdown Timer Mode E-43
    Set an alarm time Alarm Mode E-45
    Operation Guide 5302
Casio 5302

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Merk Casio
Model 5302
Product Horloge
Taal Engels
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