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size: 100x120, paper: 157gsm matt art paper

Front side

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Charging your mobile devices

Front cover

- Connect your power bank using the included micro USB tip and USB
charging cable.
- You can charge your power bank using your computer or a third party USB
- You can also use your iPad charger, which is the fastest method currently
1. Power indicator
2. LED
3. USB output 5V 1A
4. USB output 5V 2.1A
5. ON/OFF button
6. Micro USB port input 5V 1.5A
Model: A80

External Rechargeable Battery


Charging Your Mobile Devices




Charging Your Power Bank

Safety Instructions

Press button twice to turn the LED ashlight on or off. Choose an appropriate
connector or your original USB charging cable; connect one end to the power
bank USB output and the other one to your mobile device. The LED indicator
lights up. If the 25% light starts ashing or does not light up, then the power
bank is empty and it is time to recharge. To stop charging, simply disconnect
the power bank from your mobile device. (iPhone 5 users: please use the cable
provided with your iPhone and connect the USB-cable to the CasePower Smart
Power Booster and the 8-pin tip (Lightning) to your iPhone 5.)
Compatibility: smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad and other digital products
Output: 5V DC/1A
Output2: 5V DC/2.1A (max)
Input: 5V DC/1.5A
Capacity: 8000mAh
Cell type: Lithium polymer
Cycle life: 500 times
Weight: 238g
DC Charge: 4-6 hours
Dimensions: 153x75.5x9.9mm
Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C
Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product. Improper use
of this product may result in product damage, excess heat, toxic fumes, re
or explosion; this is not covered by the warranty. Do not expose the battery
to re, extreme heat or high temperatures. Do not place battery in re or
other excessively hot environment. Protect the battery from impact. In case of
damage to the battery such as dents, punctures, tears, deformities or corrosion,
please discontinue use and contact manufacturer or dispose of the device in an
appropriate manner at your local battery recycling centre. Do not disassemble
this battery or attempt to repair or modify it in any way. Do not expose this
battery to moisture; do not submerge water or other liquid. Keep the battery dry
at all times. Do not attempt to charge the battery using any method, apparatus
or connection other than the USB connector. Do not attempt to replace any
part of this battery. For extended storage, rst charge your battery for one hour.
Never dispose of batteries with the household waste. Disposal of batteries in
the household waste is prohibited. Always return used batteries to your local
battery recycling centre.
CasePower Credit Card Booster provides emergency power for your mobile
devices. Please read the manual before operation.
Thank you for choosing the CasePower Credit Card Booster. This is a portable
power bank with built-in micro USB connector to charge smartphones.


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Het dunne apparaat dat je wilt, zonder dat dit ten koste gaat van de levensduur van de batterij. De lithium-polymeerbatt...
Merk CasePower
Model A80 | CASE-353-BLACK
Product powerbank
EAN 0859252003860, 8592520038608, 5054565078498
Taal Engels
Bestandstype Handleiding (PDF)
Lader compatibiliteit Universeel
Kleur van het product Zwart
Certificering CE/RoHS
Ingangsspanning 5 V
Spanning 5 V
Output current 2100 mA
Batterijtechnologie Lithium-Polymeer (LiPo)
Capaciteit van de accu/batterij 8000 mAh
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 75.5 mm
Diepte 9.9 mm
Hoogte 153 mm
Gewicht 238 g
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