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  • Instructions for use
    Thank you for purchasing the Carmen ThermoCeramic Straight.
    Please read these instructions carefully before using the product and keep
    them in a safe place for future reference.
    The product
    Name: Carmen ThermoCeramic Straight
    Model: CR1590
    Voltage: 220-240 volt AC
    Part of the appliance
    A) Hang-up loop
    B) ON/OFF switch (soft key)
    C) Rocker switch +/– (soft key) for temperature setting
    D) 6 x temperature control lights (red)
    E) Straightening plates
    F) Locking disc
    G) Handle
    For your safety
    The instructions include safety guidelines and other information important for
    the proper functioning of the appliance. Please read the instructions carefully
    and keep them in a safe place. If the appliance changes hands, be sure to
    give the instructions to the new owner. It is in your own interest to follow all
    safety guidelines.
    Safety instructions
    This appliance complies with the recognized rules of technology and the
    pertinent safety regulations for electrical appliances!
    To avoid damage or danger by improper use, the instructions for use
    should be carefully kept and followed!
    If the connecting cable is damaged, it should only be replaced by a service
    agent recommended by the manufacturer in order to prevent any danger.
    Please contact the manufacturer or his customer service.
    • Thevoltageofthepowersourcemustbethesameasspeciedonthe
    rating plate!
    Connect the appliance only to AC current and to a socket with earthing
    contact. Do not pull the cable over sharp edges, clamp it into place or
    allow it to hang down! Keep the cable away from hot and damp areas!
    Before use check that the appliance functions properly!
    The appliance should not be used if:
    - the connecting cable is damaged;
    - the appliance shows noticeable damage;
    - the appliance has been dropped.
    Never wind the mains cable around the appliance!
    The connecting cable must not come into contact with hot appliance parts
    and should never run between the straightening plates!
    Only insert the mains plug when the appliance is switched off!
    Safety instructions when operating the appliance
    Always use the appliance for the appropriate purpose!
    • Theappliancemustnotcomeintocontactwithammablematerials.It
    plates reach temperatures of approx. 200°C!
    Never cover the straightening plates with any object!
    The appliance must never be switched on when clamped together. Ensure
    that the appliance is open!
    People with nervous disorders should not operate the appliance when
    alone in order to avoid any possible danger.
    Children are not aware of the hazards of electrical appliances. Therefore
    close supervision is necessary when the appliance is used by children!
    Keep packaging material e.g. plastic bags out of the reach of children!
    Risk of burns from the straightening plates and hot appliance parts!
    Never grasp the appliance by or near the straightening plates when the
    appliance is on. The straightening plates and hot steam can cause burns.
    Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Never transport the appliance when
    Warning! Risk of electric shock
    Never use the appliance with wet hands, in the bath or shower or over
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Carmen CR1590

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Carmen CR1590 specificaties

Merk Carmen
Model CR1590
Product Stijltang
EAN 5011832030290, 5011832030313
Taal Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans
Bestandstype PDF
Technische details
Temperatuur 100 °C
Keramisch verwarmingssysteem Ja
Soort Warme stijltang
Temperatuur (max) 200 °C
Draaisnoer Ja
Aantal temperatuurstanden -
Ionenconditioner Nee
Automatisch uitschakelen Nee
Instelbare thermostaat Ja
AC invoer voltage 220 - 240 V
AC invoer voltage 220-240 V
Kleur van het product Zwart
Temperatuur 100 °C
Keramisch verwarmingssysteem Ja
Temperatuur (max) 200 °C
Aantal temperatuurstanden -
Ionic functie Nee
Instelbare thermostaat Ja
Technologie Warm
Soort Stijltang
Haarontkrullen Ja
Haarkrullen Nee
Haartextureren Nee
Haardrogen Nee
Draaisnoer Ja
Automatisch uitschakelen Nee
Kleur van het product Zwart

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