Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 handleiding

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150

Bekijk hier de Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 handleiding. Het bekijken en downloaden van deze Motor handleiding is geheel gratis.

Pulsar AS 150
Table of Contents
1. Technical Specifications 1
2. Identification Data 3
3. Location of Parts 5
4. Steering cum Ignition lock 7
5. Fuel Tank Cap / Fuel Tap 8
6. Speedometer Details 9
7. Speedometer Setting 11
8. Control Switches 13
9. Rear seat / Tool kit 15
10. Front Seat / Battery 16
11. Fitment of Front & Rear Seat 17
12. Daily Safety Checks 18
13. How to ride your Bike 19
14. Safe Riding Tips 23
15. Engine Oil 24
16. Wheels - Tube less Tyre 25
17. Battery 26
18. Periodic Maintenance Information 27
19. Brake Fluid 29
20. Periodic Maintenance & Lubrication Chart 30
21. Non Use Maintenance
The description and illustration in this booklet
are not to be taken as binding on the
manufacturers. The essential features of the
type described and illustrated herein remaining
unaltered. Bajaj Auto Limited reserves the
right to carry out at any moment without
being obliged to bring this booklet upto-date
& to do modifications on the vehicle, parts or
accessories as may be convenient and
Safety and Warning information :
Caution : This indicates that a potential
hazard which could result in vehicle
damage, if advice provided is not
Warning : This indicates that a potential
hazard or injury to you or other persons &
to the vehicle can happen, if advice
provided is not followed.

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