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American DJ Mister Kool

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American DJ
Mister Kool
Effect machine
Unpacking: Thank you for purchasing the Mister Kool by American
DJ®. Every unit has been thoroughly tested and has been shipped in
perfect operating condition. Carefully check the shipping carton for
damage that may have occurred during shipping. If the carton appears
to be damaged, carefully inspect your xture for any damage and be
sure all equipment necessary to operate the unit has arrived intact. In
the event damage has been found or parts are missing, please contact
our toll free customer support number for further instructions. Do not
return this unit to your dealer without rst contacting customer sup-
Introduction: This unit is designed to produce a ground fog effect to
enhance dance floors, entry ways, and for halloween effects. Included
with this unit is a timer remote control. Please read the following
instructions and safety precautions before attempting any installation
or using your new Mister Kool.
Customer Support: American DJ® provides a toll free customer sup-
port line, to provide set up help and to answer any question should
you encounter problems during your set up or initial operation. You
may also visit us on the web at for any com-
ments or suggestions. For service related issue please contact Ameri-
can DJ®. Service Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. Pacic Standard Time.
Voice: (800) 322-6337
Fax: (323) 582-2941
To purchase parts online visit
Warning! To prevent or reduce the risk of electrical shock or re, do
not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
Caution! There are no user serviceable parts inside this unit. Do not
attempt any repairs yourself, doing so will void your manufactures war-
ranty. In the unlikely event your unit may require service please contact
American DJ.
Please recycle the shipping cartoon whenever possible.
Mister Kool Introduction
©American DJ Supply® - - Mister Kool™ Instruction Manual Page 2
User Instructions
American DJ®
4295 Charter Street
Los Angeles Ca. 90058
Revised 5/07
Caution: Fog Machines may set off Smoke Alarms!

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