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Altec Lansing MZW101
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handleidingAltec Lansing MZW101
1. Make sure the following items are
included in your package.
Ear Caps
(three sizes for maximum comfort)
USB Cable
Stereo Earphones

Item # MZW101

Quick Start Guide

3. Charging: When charging, a red LED light will illuminate. The light will turn blue.
2. For a look at the various buttons and parts of your earphones,
view the graphic below.
when your unit is fully charged. Your earphones can take up to one hour to fully
5. Wearing Your Earphones
For the best sound performance and a secure, comfortable fit, be sure that the
6. Listening to Music
4. Powering On Your Earphones & Pairing Them With a Bluetooth Phone
Press the Power button to get music from your audio source to play or pause.
Next/Previous Song
Press and hold the Volume Up or Volume
Down buttons for two seconds to advance to
the next song or go back to the previous one.
Increase/Decrease Volume
Press the Volume Up or Volume Down
buttons to increase or decrease the
NOTE: Music will automatically pause when
a call is dialed out or when there is an incoming
call. It will resume when the call ends.
7. Using Your Earphones During Phone Calls
Last Number Redialing
Quickly tap on the Answer button twice and the last number that you dialed will be
Answering an Incoming Call
To answer an incoming call, quickly
press the Answer button.
Ending a Call
To end a call, quickly press the Answer
button, and the call will be disconnected.
Adjusting Volume
By pressing the Volume Up or Volume
Down buttons you can increase or decrease
the volume of the phone call.
ear buds rest gently in your ear , form a seal in your ear canal, and drape around the
Use the ear cap that feels most comfortable in your ear.
---By pressing the Power button down for about 3 seconds, your
earphones will power on and connect to the last phone they were
paired with.
---In order to pair your earphones with your phone for the first time
be sure to hold down the Power button for a full 5-7 seconds.
When ready to pair the LED light will flash red and blue alternately.
--If you are having trouble pairing your earphones with your phone,
be sure that you are holding down the Power button long enough
for your earphones to go into pairing mode.
-Press and hold the Power button for around 5-7 seconds. When your earphones
are ready to pair with a Bluetooth audio source, they will go into pairing mode,
with the LED flashing alternately red and blue.
-Go to the Bluetooth Manager of your Bluetooth device. Search
Bluetooth devices and select “MZW101” to start connecting.
-If required, enter the PIN code "0000” and confirm the entry.
Once paired, you will hear your speaker audibly say: “You are
now paired, enjoy.”
5-7 Seconds
Volume Down/Previous
Volume Up/Next
Charging Port
Ear Cap


-Once powered on, you can press and hold
the Power button again for approximately
three seconds to power o your earphones.
The LED Indicator light will briefly turn red
before powering o.
NOTE: In order to save power, your
earphones will automatically power o if left
unpaired or idle for over ten minutes.
If you have previously paired your
earphones with a phone, you can press the
Power button for three seconds to power on
your earphones and they will automatically
connect with the last phone which you paired with.


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Altec Lansing MZW101 specificaties

Hieronder vindt u de productspecificaties en de handleiding specificaties van de Altec Lansing MZW101.

Merk Altec Lansing
Model MZW101 | MZW101-BLK
Product Headset
Taal Engels
Bestandstype Handleiding (PDF)
Type product Hoofdtelefoons
Draagwijze In-ear
Aanbevolen gebruik Sporten
Kleur van het product Zwart
Internationale veiligheidscode (IP) IPX7
Soort bediening Knoppen
Poorten & interfaces
Connectiviteitstechnologie Draadloos
3,5mm-connector Nee
USB-aansluiting Nee
Bluetooth Ja
Positie speakers koptelefoon Intraauraal
Frequentiebereik koptelefoon - Hz
Impedantie - Ohm
Diameter van de luidspreker 9 mm
Microfoontype Ingebouwd
Levensduur accu/batterij 6 uur
Type batterij Ingebouwde accu
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